‘Crazy Idea’ guys start their run

100-mile jog hopes to finish Sunday

Runners James Murray and Gerry Martinez started their 100-mile run around Grand Cayman at Camana Bay on Saturday morning.

The duo started off with about 70 other runners taking part in the Cayman Islands Diabetes Association 5k (three mile) fun run at 7am, stopped for some quick interviews and chats, and then took off again to complete their epic run, dubbed A Crazy Idea, that takes them to West Bay, East End, North Side and even along the Mastic Trail.

Mr. Martinez, from the United States, who arrived in Cayman Thursday, said he hoped the heat would not be too strong.

“I enjoyed that,” he said, after he had completed the first three miles, “but you can already feel the humidity. I’m already sweating,” said the runner who usually trains in the Grand Teton mountain range.

Mr. Martinez, 25, ran another 100-mile run less than six weeks ago when he to part in the Running with the Buffaloes on 15 October.

“Since then, I’ve been doing some light running, with a couple of long runs on the weekends. Not too much. Been taking it easy. I’ve been doing some core work. Other than that, I’ve just been getting mentally prepared for the run – letting what we are going to do sink in, thinking of my strategy and fuelling plan,” he said earlier.

“I would have like to do some heat training for the [Cayman] run, but unfortunately, where I live in the Tetons that’s just not possible. I’ve been doing some jump rope work, which is something different for me, but mostly I’ve stuck to what has worked in the past: structured training runs with plenty of rest and recovery thrown in the mix,” Mr. Martinez said.

Mr. Murray, who is more used to running in Cayman’s climate than Mr. Martinez, said Saturday morning he was looking forward to the rest of the run that will take the duo through some areas not normally visited by too many runners, including Barkers, the dyke roads and through the back roads of the airport industrial parks.

“I hope people will come out and join us,” he said. “You’ll get to see some places you wouldn’t normally get a chance to see and run through.”

The pair had a fairly low-profile start to their run, arriving literally seconds before the Cayman Islands Diabetes Association run was to start, and just lined up with the rest of the runners before Coach Jerry Harper blew the whistle to start the run.

As they ran past the first-mile marker, other runners shouted “encouragement” with cries of “Only 99 more miles to go!”.

Their route starts at Camana Bay, along the highway to West Bay, via the Safehaven loop, and onto Morgan’s Harbour where they plan to run along the shoreline as much as possible as far as the Turtle Farm, back down West Bay Road and onto the roundabout at Grand Harbour, through Prospect Point and eastward to Frank Sound Road where they will take the Mastic trail and then onto Kaibo. From there, they will swing around the East End loop and come back to Grand Harbour, up the bypass to King’s Gym and along Old Crewe Road, onto Smith Road to the four way stop, into George Town and then along Shedden Road to the airport, through the airport industrial park, onto the Esterley Tibbetts Highway and finally back to Camana Bay.

They hope to finish the run in 24 hours, arriving back in Camana Bay early Sunday morning.