Pair finish 100-mile run

crazy idea cayman running
James Murray and Gerry Martinez, cheered on by dozens of supporters, crossed the finish line after running 100 miles and more than 30 hours on Sunday afternoon.

The pair, who were raising money for the Cayman Islands Diabetes Association, started their run, dubbed A Crazy Idea, in Camana Bay at 7am on Saturday morning and completed it mid-afternoon Sunday after running through all the districts of Grand Cayman.

Mr. Murray finished first, while Mr. Martinez completed the run about an hour later. Both men were tired and thirsty, but in good spirits, buoyed by the cheers and congratulations of fans, many of whom had joined them throughout the many hours of running.

Mr. Murray, a Canadian accountant based in Cayman, speaking at the end of his run, encouraged supporters to go and run the last few miles with Mr. Martinez, who said he struggled with the heat throughout the run.

“He’s been all smiles, he hasn’t made one complaint, let’s get him back here so I can sit and shake his hand and thank him for being a part of this,” said Mr. Murray, who launched A Crazy Idea to inspire people to push themselves to new challenges.

Some of the supporters ran up to 15 miles with the runners, to keep them company and to keep their spirits up during the long run, while others ran shorter distances with them, cheered them on from the sidelines or drove support vehicles carrying water and other supplies.

Mr. Murray said he had walked the last several miles, breaking into a run to hit the finish line, his “first run in hours”, but Mr. Martinez had continued to run the route, despite some heavy challenges.

“The heat got to me. I wasn’t expecting it to be this bad. I come from San Antonio so I thought the heat wouldn’t be a problem, but I’ve been spending all my time in the Tetons. I got out there and it was hot, so I just had to take it easy,” Mr. Martinez said.

“I walked and ran the whole way,” he said. “In these races, you always go through a bad period and then if you wait it out, typically you’ll recover. The sad thing is I was just waiting and waiting to recover and it never happened until the very end when I was able to push real hard.

“I couldn’t have done it without everyone else who supported us,” he said.
Both runners happily plunged their feet in coolers of ice when they finished.

They have so far raised more than $11,000 for the Cayman Islands Diabetes Association. They started their run Saturday morning with about 70 other runners taking part in a three-mile fun run to raise funds for the Association.

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Crazy Idea cayman finish

James Murray, in green baseball hat, and his supporters run the final few yards of the 100-mile Crazy Idea run.
Norma Connolly

crazy idea cayman

Gerry Martinez reaches the finish line.
Norma Connolly


  1. It’s great to read such a positive story in the newspaper for once. Congratulations to all who participated and especially Mr. Murray for having the great idea to start this marathon. Running in Cayman for extended periods in the blazing hot sun is no easy accomplishment — it’s gruelling!

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