Online poll: Parking lack in GT irks people most

The lack of parking is what aggravates respondents to last week’s online poll the most about downtown George Town. 

Of the 740 total respondents, 466 of them – 63 per cent – found the lack of parking the most aggravating aspect of Cayman’s capital. 

“I stopped going into George Town for one reason: no parking,” said one person. “It is ludicrous to have civic buildings in town and for there to be no parking. Only in Cayman.” 

“The government needs to build multi-storey parking for itself and insist that all other rental buildings do the same,” said someone else. “Also introduce parking meters.” 

“The lack of parking is appalling,” said another person. 

The second largest segment of respondents – 105 people or 14.2 per cent – said having too many cruise ship tourists was the aspect of George Town that aggravated them most. 

“Timing of cruise arrivals could be improved,” said one person. “Or maybe the tourists just need to be reminded that the same traffic rules apply here as where they come from and that they need to get across the roads quickly whether its rush hour traffic or not.” 

“Too many cruise tourists and the lack of parking equally aggravate me the most,” said someone else. 

Another 96 respondents – 12.9 per cent – said the fact George Town was not pedestrian friendly enough is what irked them most about downtown. 

“The whole area, particularly along the waterfront, should be converted to a pedestrian style outside mall with benches and shady spots to rest and the merchants should stay open longer,” said one person. “Take a cue from Camana Bay; it is pedestrian friendly while still allowing for traffic; it has plenty of restaurants and shops and all of them cater to timeframes that allow for those of us who work to take advantage of them. Downtown George Town is quickly becoming the low-rent district and slum town of Grand Cayman.” 

“Just make Cardinall Avenue and the area in front of the dock off limits to cars on cruise ship days,” said another respondent. 

“It’s also unsafe for bicyclists,” said someone else. 

Thirty-three people – 4.5 per cent – said too few restaurants was what aggravated them most about George Town. 

“So few decent lunch places,” commented one person. 

Too much noise from the cargo operations was the aspect of George Town that aggravated 21 people – 2.8 per cent – most about downtown. 

“There are too many operations in the same area: cargo, cruise, shopping, offices, pedestrians, cars,” said one person. “It’s not normal to cram all these in that little tiny “downtown”. How can you possibly want to eat and relax there?” 

“We need to shift cargo operations from George Town to another place because it will also make cruise ship passengers move around more,” said someone else. 

Nineteen people – 2.6 per cent – cited other aspects of downtown that aggravated them most. Several people responded “all of the above” and a couple of people said nothing about George Town aggravated them. Other responses included: 

“There is no nightlife in George Town.” 

“There are too many jewellery stores and not enough variety of stores and eateries.” 

“Businesses moving out (e.g. to Camana Bay) are going to ruin our beautiful George Town. Stop selling out!” 

“It smells like car and truck exhaust.” 

“It is too quiet once the tourists leave everyday. It needs to try and keep some activity in the town all day long.” 

“Not enough cruise tourists.” “All the aspects of downtown George Town are bad, just not a friendly town. No space to move around.” 


Next week’s poll question 

Which changes just made to the Traffic Law do you think were most needed? 

Ban on handheld cell phones 

Driver’s licence testing for foreigners 

The outlawing of wheel clamping 

Provisions to allow electric cars 

Making careless driving a crime 

Online Poll - GT irks

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  1. What the government should have done with the GT library parking was to turn it into a parking garage and charge companies a fee to park in it. Then again that would’ve been the sensible thing to do; guess that’s why they never considered it.

  2. Why not put in parking meters. Right now, new digital parking meters are being placed through out the US and Canada.
    We could probably get the older flip sign kind for next to nothing. From cities getting rid of their old parking meters.

    Government complains about never having enough money

    Charge someone 6 dollars a day to park in a place, it will alleviate parking, the government makes money. Everyone is happy.

    Don’t even need meter maids. Just use the police to write the parking offense/fines.