Not enough courtrooms, again

Jury room used for trial

Although there is one less magistrate to deal with Summary Court matters, the Law Courts facilities were still one room short for all the matters listed on Wednesday. 

In Court 1, Justice Richard Williams was presiding in the trial of Justin Manderson, who is charged with the attempted murder of Andy Barnes in 2010. Manderson chose to be tried by judge alone and the trial was set for three weeks. 

In Court 2, Magistrate Nova Hall had criminal and traffic defendants to deal with, plus a part-hear drug trial.  

Downstairs in Court 3, Justice Charles Quin was conducting a sentencing hearing. 

Over in the Kirk Building across the street, Justice Alex Henderson was on the ground floor in Court 4 hearing a judge-alone robbery trial. 

Justice Andrew Jones was upstairs in Court 5 with a civil matter. 

The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal heard several matters in Court 6. 

The result was that Magistrate Valdis Foldats conducted his traffic trial in the Court 5 jury room. 

Grand Court judges not in a courtroom worked in their chambers. 

Before Hurricane Ivan in September 2004, the George Town Town Hall was frequently used for Traffic Court. Conference rooms in the now-demolished Tower Building were also occasionally used. 

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