Lightning struck quickly in two

Peter ‘Lightning’ Lewison is a middleweight prospect who oozes ambition to reach boxing’s pinnacle. He’s certainly dedicated enough in terms of training, diet and adhering to coaching. He also has that extra quality of being prepared to organise a promotion just to get fights because of the lack of opportunity in the Cayman Islands.

Taking a leaf out of Charles ‘Killa’ Whittaker’s book, Lewison juggled preparing to be the main bill for Saturday’s show against Brant Skyler to organise it at the D. Dalmain Ebanks boxing gym, beside the Truman Bodden Sports Complex.

It was a low-key affair with all exhibition fights, dancers, a rapper and a FAST Defence demonstration to pad out the entertainment but nevertheless Lewison deserves props for being resourceful enough to put the show on. He certainly got plenty of sponsorship and had there not been a big wedding that many of his potential spectators attended, it would have been a sizable crowd. There was still around 200 there anyway.

The evening started with Tarafi Ebanks boxing an exhibition with Javaka Kellier, followed by the Mean Source dancers and a few numbers by rapper Lee ‘Black Ken’ Bodden. Tracey Seymour hit the pads with coach Norman Wilson before Bob Daigle gave a FAST Defence demonstration that included a zombie character and his two daughters. The other exhibition bout featured Dariel Ebanks moving around with Luke Willingdon who was in action for the second Saturday running having fought on the white collar show at Treasure Island previously.

Skyler was easily despatched in two rounds. Not surprisingly considering he is 46 which is 22 years older than Lewison, weighed around 20lbs less and has only won four of his 23 fights in a career that started in 1988, when Lewison was a toddler.

But a win is a win and Lewison is 2-0 now and looking forward to the new year when he hopes to climb up the world rankings.

Florida-based Skyler said after: “I’m fine. There was a big weight difference, I’m not going to lie about that. He caught me in the first round and I got a count. But that was nothing, more a slip. He’s just a stronger, bigger, younger kid. I wasn’t hurt, got up and felt I could continue but the referee (Donie Anglin) stopped it.

“This was my fourth fight in the Cayman Islands. I love it here. The people are so nice and they appreciate that I’m coming to fight, win or lose, I’m always in shape. Peter is a little green. I’d like to see a young guy his size taking him on. I was still able to back him up a little bit and I’m a little guy. It’s all down to experience.

“He definitely looks like he’ll be a good prospect. He has poise and is calm, in shape, strong and has a good future.”

Lewison said: “I was very nervous coming into the first round because he had more experience than me and the last time I fought I underestimated my opponent and he caught me off guard. Skyler was a bit tricky with his foot work and knew his way around the ring. I tried to be as cautious as possible and not make any mistakes.

“The first time I got him down it built up my confidence, but I still did not rush in. He realised I had a hell of a punch and tried to psyche me out and tire me out but I paced myself and waited for the perfect opening and got him with a right uppercut.

“It’s a punch I’ve been working a lot on with my coach Norman Wilson and trying to perfect it. Everything worked out with this show. It was a success and I really appreciate the support of all my sponsors. Most of my fans went to the big wedding of Peter Young’s daughter, Ruth-Anna, otherwise it would have been better attended. I want to do another show here around May.”

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