Anonymous witness gives evidence in murder trial

Voice modulation used to protect identity


began on Thursday for Devon Anglin, who is accused of murdering Carlo Webster
at the Next Level Night Club on 10 September 2009. 


chose to be tried by judge alone and Chief Justice Anthony Smellie is hearing
the matter. 


August, the Crown applied for permission to have two witnesses give their
evidence anonymously. After a hearing, Justice Charles Quin signed the required


equipment was set up in Courtroom 2 to enable the witness to give evidence from
an undisclosed location. The only video link  was to the judge’s bench; no
one else saw the witness. The judge and court stenographer wore head phones in
order to hear the speaker’s natural voice. Everyone else in the courtroom heard
a voice that was modulated – altered in pitch and timbre — but easy to


Chief Justice further directed that the person giving evidence would be
referred to only as Witness B and the pronouns he and she both be used when
referring to the witness, so there was no identification of his or her
 gender.   For clarity, the Caymanian Compass will use masculine pronouns for all anonymous witnesses. 


B said he knew Anglin and Carlos Webster.  His evidence was that on the
night of the incident, he saw an exchange between Anglin and another man near
the main bar.  Anglin punched the other man and then kicked him when he
fell to the ground. He said security took the other man out. Then Carlo Webster
walked up to Anglin and punched him in his face. He said Anglin walked to the
male restroom. Carlo was going toward the restroom, but was stopped by a girl
and they talked. The witness said he was dancing at the time and saw Anglin
walk out of the restroom, take a gun from his waist, point it at Carlo Webster
and start shooting. 


said Carlo grabbed his side and fell. There was a second shot and then Anglin
walked up to Carlo and there was third shot. The shots were right after each
other,  occurring within about five seconds.  Afterwards, everybody
started running and Anglin started walking to an exit door.  


witness was scheduled to continue giving evidence on Friday. 


Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryll Richards is
conducting the case for the prosecution, assisted by Crown Counsel Elisabeth
Lees.  Anglin is defended by Attorneys Dorian Lovell-Pank and Lucy Organ. 

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