Dr. Frank shot in leg

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Update: Royal Cayman Islands Police are now seeking the driver of the vehicle who dropped off former MLA Frank McField at the hospital after he was shot early Thursday morning.

Police said Mr. McField was dropped off by someone in a black car, possibly a Toyota Supra. Police are appealing for the driver of the car, or anyone who saw that car in the area, to come forward.

Detectives have been interviewing Mr. McField since his admission to hospital Friday morning, police said.

“However, at this stage the circumstances around what happened, and where, are not clear,” an RCIPS press release noted.

Mr. McField, a former government minister and radio talk show host, was shot sometime overnight or early Thursday morning.

According to a police statement on the incident: “Shortly after 6am, police received a report that a man had been admitted to the Cayman Islands Hospital in George Town suffering from a gunshot wound to his leg. The injuries are not thought to be life-threatening, police enquiries are ongoing.”

Mr. McField was contacted by the Caymanian Compass in his hospital bed around 8.30am Thursday via cell phone. Although he said he was in pain, Mr. McField said he was “doing a little better than he thought he would be”.

The former government minister confirmed that it was he who had been shot in the leg, but he could not immediately specify where the incident had happened or how he came to be shot.

Mr. McField, who is a sociologist, was philosophical about being shot in the leg.

“Well, it’s better than being shot in the head,” he said.

Please check back to www.caycompass.com for more details on this incident as they become available…..

Frank McField hospital bed

Dr. Frank McField in his hospital bed Thursday morning.
Stuart Wilson


  1. None of the Local media has any details on this shooting in the foot?

    Dr. Mcfield himself can’t immediately specify how he was shot or where? ???????
    No more a UDP Talk show host? short lived position i must say.
    Was on the air on rooster calling in recently questioning governments bad judgment in all things- this Administration…….??????????

    Did someone send him a message? How this? Why This?
    No details publicisz?

    We still wish Frank a speedy recovery.

  2. The former government minister confirmed that it was he who had been shot in the leg, but he could not immediately specify where the incident had happened or how he came to be shot.

    Could not…or would not ?

    Lets hope that our good Dr. Frank understands that it is a criminal offense to refuse to co-operate with the police in the direct investigation of a serious criminal offense such as a shooting, even if one is the victim.

    Its crucial that that the RCIPS get to the bottom of this shooting.

    The implications are frightening, whether Dr. McField is a totally innocent victim or otherwise…

    Only a thorough RCIPS investigation will provide the necessary answers.

  3. Take a good look at Dr. Frank’s track record since he has not been an MLA…especially if you know him personally.

    I hope that the RCIPS holds him to the same standards as anyone else in similar circumstances because…

    It is extremely important for the entire public in Cayman to know the truth of the circumstances of Dr. McField being shot…and as quickly as possible.

  4. As I see this incident is more likely self-inflicted by accident for the following reasons:

    a.The victim is concealing information to minimize further implication (No call to 911 and ambulance, philosophical answer, no family support, early morning drop off to hospital to avoid the busy office hours, no evening drop off to avoid emergency scenario)

    b.Leg wound is not a sign of defense hence there is no attack happened to the victim

    c.Leg wound could be a sign of warning shot to disable the victim therefore with 2nd party involved the victim would not hesitate to call police attention.

    d.Gun nose is usually pointing down when carried at waistline.

    e.Examination of bullet trajectory and paraffin or any similar test would be crucial to determine if self-inflicted.

    Wishing your fast recovery sir!

  5. Good firearm forensic analysis, without any evidence.

    If Dr. McField shot himself in the leg with his own licenced firearm…your scenario fits perfectly and there would be absolutely no need to hide or cover up anything, would there ?

    Accidents do happen…especially with untrained firearm users, even licenced ones.

    Your scenario also fits a crime having been committed with an unlicenced firearm by someone, just as well.

    Lets hope the RCIPS can provide us with some answers quickly.

  6. Looked up some idioms on the web for shot yourself in the foot ( leg)
    Here is what they say
    Shoot yourself in the foot – to do or say something stupid which causes problems for you.
    Shoot yourself in the foot- An action of cowardice. Based on war times, one would shoot themselves in the foot in order to get out of fighting and be sent back home.
    Shoot yourself in the foot – to harm another but accidentally harming yourself.
    Shoot yourself in the foot – The mistake I committed harmed me very badly.
    Shoot yourself in the foot – I missed my head

    Seriously Mr. McField be Frank with us. Assist the police. If you didn’t shoot yourself. Who did?

  7. There’s any number of charges that the RCIPS can bring against Frank McField if he continues to refuse to co-operate with any investigation into this shooting.

    In his past confrontations with the law, particularly on the night of Sept. 15, 2006, when he was arrested for assaulting and threatening police officers in Bodden Town, he has been able to play the victim very well;something he’s an expert at.

    Witnesses at the lounge on the West Bay Rd, observed his demeanor, state of intoxication and behaviour earlier, on that particular night, myself being the main target of his aggression so it came as no surprise, reading the next morning;s news.

    If Frank McField is allowed to use his usual tactics to avoid providing information to the police in this instance, it will send the worst possible message out to the perpetrators of gun crime in Cayman.

    If he is a totally innocent victim, then he should be all too willing to provide the necessary evidence to bring his shooters to justice.

  8. Because of my own personal history with Frank, which hasn’t been all bad by any means, I would dearly love to know the truth of what happened.

    I do wish him a speedy recovery but…

    We will all know what really happened very shortly.

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