Editorial for 02 December: Let’s all give of our thanks

A new Caymanian tradition kicks off today with Homecoming a Cayman
Thanksgiving Weekend.

Fireworks will kick off the festivities tonight at Pageant Beach
followed by some great concerts from local bands and good old-fashioned Cayman
fare – all for only $10.

But it doesn’t end there.

On Saturday people who call the Cayman Islands home are urged to go out
and do community service, donate non-perishable food at designated sites. This
is a good time to clean out your hurricane locker; get rid of the canned goods
and supplies you didn’t use this year – the ones that haven’t expired – so you
can restock for next hurricane season.

One of the places taking the goods is the farmers’ market at The
Grounds in Lower Valley.

While there, be sure to buy some locally grown food stuffs and crafts.
Christmas is just around the corner.

And those who are members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, please
you are encouraged to attend a congregation of your choice.

On Sunday, the Cayman Islands will observe Cayman Thanksgiving.

It’s an idea that came as many good ideas come from, a child.

Kayci Rose, daughter of Samuel Rose, suggested last year – when she was
nine – that her family should celebrate Thanksgiving in the Cayman Islands
after watching her Canadian and American friends observe their traditions here
in the Islands.

Samuel decided to take the idea further and approached a few friends.
The formed a committee and voila. On Sunday families are urged to gather and
celebrate all the things we have been blessed with in the Cayman Islands. Just
as the Canadian and American thanksgivings are centred on food, ours should
also be, but instead of turkey and the trimmings, we should be cooking the
foods that are part of our heritage – conch, turtle, breadkind, stew beef – and
invite an expat to sit at our table and sup with us.

Those who attend church on Sundays are encouraged to do so to continue
the act of giving thanks. We are a blessed country and it’s time to give thanks
and welcome those far afield home.




  1. This may be closing the barn door after the horse has run away but instead of creating a holiday based upon the cultures of Canada and the United States it would have been nice if the created holiday could have had greater Caymanian roots. I cannot help but wonder if this will not further confuse Caymanian tradition and culture.

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