Extended Nassau Grouper ban needed

An open letter to Minister Mark Scotland

I am a full Caymanian and I am writing to you because I strongly disagree with lifting the ban of fishing grouper.

I understand that fishing is the fishermen’s lively hood and the economy is bad; however, if the fishermen fish grouper now, there’s no doubt that there will be no more grouper to fish at all soon, but if we keep the ban on for another eight years, everyone will have a chance to see the grouper and fishermen will still get to fish the grouper and everyone will be happy. Otherwise, no one else will get to see Nassau Groupers and fishermen will never get to fish them again. This is another reason why you should take expanding the ban into consideration.

Did you know that a scientist has proven there are only 500 to 3,200 grouper left in the Cayman waters? This fact also supports the fact that if fishermen fish grouper now, they’ll all die out and will never see those huggable fish again. Also said by a scientist, grouper have a big impact on the coral. So, while you’re thinking about lifting the ban, thing about all of that beautiful coral that people, including me, love that would disappear forever like it just never existed.

As you may know, the economy isn’t that good right now, so we can’t risk losing our tourism. That would be outrageous! The economy would get even worse! That’s another reason why we shouldn’t fish out the Nassau Grouper now. If you haven’t heard, Nassau Groupers are being trained to kill and eat the lionfish. This would have good impact on the ocean and coral. If the Nassau Grouper kills out this lionfish, this would give us more little fish, which gives us more coral, which no doubt double up our tourism.

Overall, Nassau Groupers are important to Cayman and me, so please take into consideration all of the people who want more Nassau Groupers in the water.

Jaheim Glidden

Year 6

Cayman Prep

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