Man charged and due in court following fatal crash

Fatal crash ETH 300x250

A 31-year-old man has now been charged in connection with the fatal car crash on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway on Wednesday, 30 November 2011.  He has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving and it is anticipated that he will appear in court later today, Tuesday 6 December 2011. 

The man killed in the wreck was identified as St. Matthew’s University graduate student Richard Martin, 52.

Fatal crash ETH

What remained of accident victim Richard Martin’s car on Wednesday, 1 December 2011.
Brent Fuller


  1. You released the name of the name that was killed on Esterley Tibbetts the day that it happened. Why won’t you release the name of the man who killed Richard? It is clear who committed this terrible act last week and took the life of a father, husband and friend. It only seems fair if you release this man’s name.

  2. As with the previous comment why isn’t the man’s name being released as he has been charged? How about some openness and transparency?

    Editor’s note: Unless and until the libel laws of this country, which currently consitute a criminal offence, are changed to reflect more modern norms, the newspaper will continue to maintain the policy of naming suspects in crimes only when and if they are charged in open court.

    If individuals wish a more, shall we say, "free" free press in their country, we advise them to contact their local legislators to address the issue.

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