Sunshine Grill tweaked for speed

The Sunshine Grill on the Seven Mile Strip has undergone some significant back-of-house improvements to increase speed and capacity.

“The restaurant has grown year after year as far as volume [is concerned],” said Darren Zucker of the facility.

“We have not advertised at all; we are a little tucked away here, but people are reading about us on TripAdvisor and the dive masters and bar tenders are telling people about us. Primarily business has been driven by word of mouth. We got to a point where we were doing an amazing amount of volume for a tiny, 15 table restaurant and had outgrown the kitchen,” he said.

On many days in the past there was a waiting list for lunch and dinner meaning Sunshine Grill was not able to accept to-go orders or even after-work orders from guests. However, that has changed.

“It was not fair on people who had been waiting for a seat for 40 minutes; we have done a substantial renovation and expansion of our kitchen including additional cooking services, prep area and a walk-in,” he said.

“By being able to generate the food more efficiently and have more guys there on the line we will be able to increase capacity. We simply could not crank it out fast enough to keep up with demand previously. We are not adding tables but expanding the kitchen.”
There has also been an extension of the pool deck.

“We have tables around the pool, not for restaurant tables, but so our guests can make food in their kitchens and come and eat poolside. Also, people can grab a cocktail by the bar and sit by the pool whilst they wait for a table,” Mr. Zucker said. “It will be comfortably furnished over time into a comfortable, better waiting area and a cocktail waitress by the pool keeping people appraised of how the wait may be going.”

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