Romance raced into their lives

There was a romantic aspect to the event when Paul Scheiner proposed at the finish line to girlfriend Elisabeth Lees.

Scheiner was sixth in the marathon in a reasonably fast time of 3 hours 24 minutes and 51 seconds. At the end he did the chivalrous thing, went down on one knee and asked Lees for her hand in marriage. Thankfully, she said yes immediately.

Scheiner, 34, is American and the Chief Financial Officer for the National Roads Authority. Lees, 35, is a lawyer. They have only been together a few months

Scheiner said: “She’s the most wonderful woman I’ve ever known. We’ve known each other about three years.”

It was sport that really brought them together. They did a half ironman in Miami together in October. Liz did the half marathon in just over two hours. They both did the triathlon in Cayman last month.

She said: “I was surprised when he asked me and he had my friend Janet hide in the bushes taking photographs.”

There were no doubts. They had already planned to marry, up a mountain in Austria next August. What about her choice of venue for the wedding? Did he have a say? “As long as she’s there, I don’t care where we get married.”

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