Schools kick into the playoffs

The CUC Primary Football League’s regular season ended over the weekend and with only three games remaining in the Under 9 Division and two in the Under 11 Division due to regular season postponements, schools qualifying for the Champions and Consolation Cups have already been determined.

Saturday 10 December is the first day of the 2011/12 PFL Playoffs with games scheduled only in the Under 9 and Under 11 Champions Cups. Due to the relatively small number of schools qualifying for this year’s Under 9 and Under 11 Consolation Cups, play will commence for schools competing in this Cup on Saturday 7 January.

Schools qualifying for this year’s Under 9 Champions Cup include Sir John A. Cumber Primary, St. Ignatius Prep, Bodden Town Primary and Savannah Primary from Group A and Cayman Prep, Grace Academy, South Sound Schools and NorthEast Schools from Group B.

South Sound Schools and Grace Academy are scheduled to play make-up game this week, which will determine second and third place in Group B.

Contesting for the Under 9 Consolation Cup will be George Town Primary, Cayman International School and Truth For Youth from Group A, and Triple C, Prospect Primary and Red Bay Primary from Group B.

In the Under 11 Division, Sir John A. Cumber, George Town Primary, Truth For Youth and St. Ignatius Prep will represent Group A, and Cayman Prep, Red Bay Primary, Triple C and Grace Academy will compete for the coveted Champions Cup.

Playing for the Under 11 Consolation Cup will be Bodden Town Primary, Cayman International School and Savannah Primary from Group A, and Prospect Primary and NorthEast Schools representing Group B.

On Saturday, the Under 9 games will be played at 9am and 10am with the Under 11 games being played at 11am and noon. All games will be at the Annex Field.

Following this past weekend’s play in the Under 9 Division, Sir John A. Cumber Primary and Cayman Prep remain undefeated in their respective groups. Cayman Prep topped Group B winning all six games and Sir John A. Cumber Primary will match their counterparts record with a win over Truth For Youth, who they are scheduled to play sometime this week.

Ironically, in the Under 11 Division, both schools are also undefeated although Cayman Prep have dropped two points following a 2-2 draw with Prospect Primary during week three in early November. Even with this slip-up, Cayman Prep still topped Group B with 13 points.

Sir John A. Cumber Primary have secured maximum points so far in Group A although they face a tough assignment when they face Truth For Youth in their final regular season game sometime this week prior to the first day of Playoffs on Saturday. This penultimate game will determine final placement in Group A.

Final league standings and updated scores for the season can be viewed on CUC’s website at

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