Civil servants to get pay rise

Civil servants will get a 3.2 per cent pay increase in their salaries on their next pay day, in time for Christmas.

Department heads were notified by memo on Monday of the increase, which reinstates the 3.2 per cent cost of living allowance deducted from public sector salaries last year.

Civil servants will find their cost of living allowance included in their next pay cheque on Thursday, 15 December.

The government estimated in June last year that the removal of the cost of living allowance would save Cayman $5.4 million in the 2010/11 financial year. That reduction moved civil servants back to the salaries they were receiving in 2007.

Premier McKeeva Bush, who is also Cayman’s Minister of Finance, said in late August that a modest pay raise for government workers was possible since Cayman ended the last budget year with a $25 million operating surplus, meaning government revenues were higher than expenses. In his recent Strategic Policy Statement, Mr. Bush announced that the government was facing a $4.5 million operating deficit for the current financial year of 2011/12.

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  1. So i guess this means the private sector will have to suck it up and pay for this!
    Wish the private sector could give employees a raise just like that, oh wait they can’t because if they did they would go out of business, just like all the other companies that have gone down due to the cost of business going out of control and GOV has done nothing to help out…………………plus all the so called companies that are running around with just a business card and not playing by the law, are not helping out.
    Merry Christmas

  2. How about the private sector those who getting 5/hr from last 3/4 years.when they gov implement minimum wage law.I am a security guard n I am getting 5/per from last 4years and no body giving to intrest to raise even my company nor gov.without pension.

  3. viewer.

    We are an English speaking country.

    Normally, I wouldn’t say pay, is directly affected by your ability to write sentences legibly.

    But..with that sentence structure…you aren’t helping your argument much.

  4. Once again the problem that the largest voting bloc within the country is made up of the civil service makes clear that each government must balance the bloated size of the civil service with the need to be reelected.

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