Pondering Cayman’s new dock

Well, I have listened to all the talk about all the new dock sites; the one in central George Town and the one in Red Bay. As far as I see it, the dock in central George Town is more waste of money.

Perhaps a proper floating dock can assist the ships’ people to off-load faster on very good, calm days.

But the dock in the Red Bay area seems to be a better plan, but like all plans that affect the coast of this Islands must be studied very carefully and OK’d by the people of these Islands, not by the members of Government. We do need a first-class cruise sip dock, but we must put this dock in an area of Cayman where the people living near this dock is not effected in such a way that they and the area they now live in is not affected by the sea and its new wave action that will change along the coastline in the area of the dock.

We must be extra careful with any type of dredging in the wrong areas around our coastline for it can have a very ill affect for all of us on Cayman if we do it wrong. But after all the proper studies have been done and the people of these Islands understand and give their whole approval, meaning most of the people that can vote on this Islands, agrees to the plan and location.

Then let us get moving with this long over-due cruise ship dock. This is really needed for our Island,

Now, as a Bodden-Towner and someone that knows about tourists and tourism trade, the Red Bay idea and properties located along that area could be a big plus for my town. Maybe we could finally start seeing Bodden Town become a big player in the tourist trade.

Hopefully we can get a lot more tourists into my town. Another thing we need to put in place that will not cost the millions that are being spent on the cruise ship docks is a boat dock at the Bodden Town Coe Wood Beach area. It has been overdue.

Government after government have given nothing but maybes. Still, we are the only town with no boat ramp for ut to put our boats in the water. After all, we the people of the first capital put this Island on the road to a better future. Now, still after off the millions and millions spent, we want our boat ramp.

So the three elected members for Bodden Town, get up off your easy chairs and put in place a piece of the pie in the way of a boat ramp in our town. It is past time.

As for the Red Bay dock, let us take a very good look at

it before we give it support, but let us all look at it and plan together for a better future for our people and our beloved Cayman. We cannot afford to make anymore mistakes for as we all know, they can be costly.

More attention must be given to the real needs of the people instead of just talk and promises. We must do what is really needed for the better way forward for us all.

Emile S. Levy

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