Big race blisters won’t stop her

The Intertrust Cayman Marathon had plenty of casual runners amongst its 1,000 runners and one of them doing the half marathon was Elizabeth Ibeh. She has three adult sons involved in sport but none of them want to emulate mum and do anything too long.

Elizabeth’s time for the 13.1 mile run last week was a pretty good 2 hours 33 minutes and 53 seconds. “Andrew is the only son in the family that runs distance, but is he is currently focusing on his 400 metres training and did not want to deviate from it,” she said. “This was my third time competing in the Cayman Islands Marathon and second time doing the half.

“Although my preparation was short – six weeks – this year’s event was better for me as I was able to jog and run most of the distance. I did have problems with my Achilles tendon and four blistered toes which slowed me down, however I kept on going and was happy to complete the event. Next year I plan to start my training early so that I can improve my performance and hopefully achieve a faster time.”

Ibeh soaked in the great atmosphere which lifts runners’ spirits. “The highlights for me was that I was able to jog and run most of the distance and secondly the water stops which kept us all well hydrated and entertained. The Red Cross had great music which energised me along the way.”

Despite the blisters, she is already planning for the next one. “It’s a great event and gets better every year. I am certainly looking forward to competing again next year.”

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