Caymanians must have control

In the year 2011 we look at an area of family in the Caymanian old time way in the way to raise a child with respect and honour, and with good discipline.

We find that it takes a lot of control on how to properly raise this child as a Caymanian person. As we all know as Caymanians that to be raised well by our fathers at some point in your growing up your father might have had to spank your butt for something you did that was wrong.

The old time and the now must work together to raise that Caymanian child right.

Both mothers and fathers of Caymanians know what’s best for our culture and our children. All that is now injecting itself in the family lives of Caymanians disrupting our real way of life and the ways of our culture, step off and instead use your skills to help your own family in your country.

Many of you are tearing down the families of Cayman by taking their children from them and putting them in the hands of abuse and reckless strangers just to help to place someone that is not Caymanian in a job, or worse, taking them to court for spanking their children for stealing.

If they don’t get the spanking now, they will get the jailhouse later because no one really tells them the real difference between right and wrong. Then we hear or see families in courts with strangers dealing with the courts’ matter of what to do with a father that spanked or did not spank his son for something like stealing.

Where is the Caymanian law that says a Caymanian father cannot spank his son for something like stealing?

Let me tell all the real Caymanian fathers, we must raise our children as the Holy Bible tells us all; of how to take care of our children and keep the ways of our culture as our forefathers.

We cannot accept the ways of others’ cultures; we must first uphold our own culture.

We must all respect the Cayman way of life. We must all put a stop to trying to tear down the Caymanian family.

Let there be total control by the heads of the families of all Caymanian families to discipline their children properly that is not abusive.

We must be very careful with the way we treat the Caymanian family. Putting them in jail, separating the mother, father and children; there must be a very positive change from the present direction the Caymanian family is headed.

As I personally see it, we need to come up with a proper plan to help all the Caymanian families. Things are not so good right now or in these times. We must not spare the rod and spoil the child. Treat your child well and raise him well.

That way he will not depart from you.

He will not end up in jail or killed early.

Your family’s well being is the key to a better life for all.

So let us all work together to help uplift the families of the Cayman Islands so that we all can be better in the future.

Emile S. Levy

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