New business offering life coaching

A new business designed to help people achieve a variety of personal and professional goals will officially launch in January.

Until that time, Transitions Ltd. will offer free life coaching, said Fiona Pimentel, owner of Transitions.

“Coaching is a process that helps an individual achieve a particular result in their life or career,” she said. “It is about identifying and setting goals, then making sure that action is taken to reach those goals.”

Transitions Ltd will help clients get through life transitions, Mrs. Pimentel said.

“Change can be scary,” she said. “Sometimes we may have the relevant knowledge for a new challenge, but we lack confidence or we hold limiting beliefs about ourselves.”

Some of the possible benefits from life coaching include increased confidence and self-esteem, overcoming procrastination, getting organised, better communication, getting a promotion, living a fuller and more meaningful life, realising potential, improved relationships, getting fitter, better diet, time management skills, assertiveness, becoming more effective as a leader, Mrs. Pimentel said.

“Life coaching can transform lives, giving individuals clarity, confidence, deeper meaning, and a sense of fulfilment,” she said. “No matter what a client wants to achieve, one-on-one coaching can help to identify and set goals, as well as put in place action to reach those goals.”

Mrs. Pimentel said life coaching isn’t the same as counselling.

“Counselling is for people who have a problem that they need help with,” she said. “It often deals with going over past experiences. Coaching is generally more for people who are healthy, but just want to improve areas of their life or business.”

As a life coach, Mrs. Pimentel said she doesn’t give advice.

“I may gently suggest a direction that the client might like to take, but mostly it is about helping them to discover what options are available,” she said. “So, it involves a lot of listening to them.”

Life coaching could be useful for people of all walks of life, including CEOs of large companies, Mrs. Pimentel said.

“However, not everyone is ready for coaching at the moment,” she said. “Results depend as much on the willingness and attitude of the client as the competence of the coach. If someone is convinced that coaching is something to be treated with suspicion, it won’t do much for them. But that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from coaching at a later stage.”

Mrs. Pimentel said people would only know if life coaching is helpful to them by giving it a try.

“It is free during the month of December, so there is nothing to lose, and a wonderful opportunity to gain,” she said.

When it comes to transitional phases of people’s lives, Mrs. Pimentel said it’s important to celebrate with family, friends and colleagues the moving from one stage of life to another.

“Transitions Ltd. will offer an event coordination service for weddings and parties,” she said. “The service will be simple, efficient and good value.”

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