Uplift us from poverty

I promised that I would write a special letter to the leaders and people of Cayman of how to get the Cayman Islands’ people out of the mess they have been in for much too long.

In the area of poverty and homeless people, our first step is for the Government to embark on a new direction of spending the peoples’ money. Instead of their wasting plan, change that with the people’s uplifting plan putting millions of dollars toward proper education, houses and money put directly in the hands of the people of this country to help them with businesses and help with the plans of the people’s business in order for them to do well.

Provide special funds to the people from all these millions collected by Government from such places as the cruise ships that come here in order for us to build the houses needed for the homeless or for they that need houses, however we may want to call it.

For each week of those ships coming here, we can collect enough money from the tourists to build house after house for our people. Also, if we were to take a new look at where we will get the labour to build those houses without using people form China, we have the labour right here from all the contractors on this Island.

Lower the fees for their licenses with an understanding that they must help build these houses with their skilled workers. I see that if we all work together properly, Government could see a great positive change in the funds of this country increasing in a short time.

We can build the houses we need for the needy people on Cayman in a short time and we can see more Caymanians doing well in business.

Let the tourists that come to Cayman donate to the peoples’ fund, which as I stated would go along with the Government putting its foot forward to directly help the people get up. After all, the real reason the Government is in place is to help the people of this islands live better in all ways and we must not forget the main reason the tourists trade; to stop our people going to sea and to other countries looking for work and to help take us out of poverty. So let us get to work and really do what we need to do and must do to uplift our people out of the poverty state so many on Cayman are unnecessarily in because of bad management and poor plans by members of the government both past and present.

So let us turn this ship around and do what we need to do to battle poverty and take our people out of this poorness mess.

In the past our people would get together to build that house or that boat. Let us do it again. I have heard that the Cayman musicians are getting together to put on a Cayman’s only bands special event. That is good. Things like this are long overdue.

This is the same thing I have been talking about. So Cayman, let us all get together and help pull ourselves out of poverty and uplift our country and its people.

And if we can get the money the sky is the limit so Government put yourself in the right position as you should be and that is to really work for the people and help with whatever is needed to turn this madness we see going on here on our beloved Islands.

We all need to see happy people again, not poor, sad, angry and hungry people with no future that looks good with homelessness.

We can be the star of the Caribbean if we work together. Let us be once again the Island that all the world wants to come to with friendly and nice loving people; safe and secure with no crime.

I know if my people put their minds behind anything, we can get it done. But because for too long the spirits of many of us have been broken by some of these elected members of our government. Many of them have sort of given up.

I say to them, don’t give up; step up and put your foot, hands and the rest of your body and mind forward and help be a positive person for us all to do better in the year 2012.

Let us all work in our Island together to build what is needed for all of our country’s needs and help to eliminate poverty in the Cayman Islands for good.

God bless the people of the Cayman islands and to the leaders, help your people, not strangers.

Emile S. Levy


  1. Mr. Levy

    I’ve never responded to your many, very enlightened letters that carry such strong advice and moral messages.

    Do you believe that anyone in power is actually listening to you, and other luminary writers to Caycompass such as Dr. Florence Goring-Nozza ?

    Its unfortunate that I can’t see any evidence of it.

    My reason for responding to this particular letter is the report on the loss of Immigration Dept. revenue for the year 2009 that is published in today’s edition of CayCompass, along with your letter.

    This report is very enlightening indeed as it reveals annual fees for permenent residency status that no one seems to know existed, not even the PR holders themselves !

    It also seems to suggest that these PR status grants are not as valued by the holders as the CI Govt. would have us believe, as some have left the jurisdiction owing substantial amounts of outstanding fees on these PR grants.

    This suggests that, in many cases, it looks like these PR grants are nothing more than upgraded work permits with no real permanency attached to them except continuing fees that their holders might not be willing to continue paying.

    My question would be…what is the use of any government charging a fee that has no guarantee of collection ?

    It is beginning to appear that this labour revenue collection system is now beginning to be counter-productive to its original purpose, which, imo, became outdated some years ago.

    Then upon reading your very well written letter, I see where your views and the current immigration collection system is directly at odds with each other.

    What it looks like to me is that the traditional system of using Cayman’s labour/immigration policies as a revenue collecting tool has trapped Cayman into having to deny the services and development for your local Caymanian people that you so vocally call for…along with creating a downward spiral into lives of crime for some of them by not having the proper educational tools with which to compete properly in a very competitive labour market.

    If you, and the other highly intelligent writers could put your brain-power to work to suggest solutions to this dilemma, it would be greatly appreciated to read what you put out on the matter.

    I will give the issue some thoughts myself, and make my own contributions as well…

    And again, thanks for your very readable and intelligent writing.

  2. The only problem I see is giving away free homes.

    Government paying more into education and job creation. Yep. Totally agree.

    But to give free homes away, only the inevitable will happen. Abuse.

    People who are not intellectually competent enough to hold higher paying jobs. Would sooner drop out of the work pool all together, because the incentive is a free home.

    There will always be haves and have not’s. We may not like it, but that has always been the case. Trying to create a socialistic country, is akin to the dream of communism. Everyone was supposed to have an equal home, equal share of food, and everyone was supposed to work. But communism has failed and socialism is basically one step behind it.

    The problem with socialism and communism. If you give to the poor, too much. Then there is no incentive to work, or progress society.

    Greed is a mighty good motivator for innovation.

    There will always be have’s and have not’s. We just have to accept that. Sometimes it’s the have not’s fault. Sometimes it isn’t.

    But the government giving away homes. No good can become of this. Eventually, you would collapse the work force. Who wants to work, when you get a free home, and free money. I can lay around all day, and get everything handed to me. Do you see the problem there?

  3. Where a country would find essential programs to its citizens not being provided would be the driver for a socialist program. I agree homes is not one of those, matter of fact there is a glut of homes on the market.

    With that said; the proposal of interest free loans in the works for people who are at risk of loosing their homes when many Caymanians don’t have a home in the first place needs clarification.. I would like to know who get these loans, how much and the background into the reason for the grant.. By district… Privacy is a great motivator also..

    I made great sacrifices to pay my mortgage, and I built a house I could afford.. I do not believe we should bail out anyone unless they have sold the car and is taking the bus..

    The cryteria need to be posted and made availabe for all to see.. We need that money to stay with education..

  4. Absolutely better education should be provided. Especially trade schools to help willing local residents to train as plumbers, electricians, hair dressers etc.

    But the sad fact is there are jobs going begging.

    Just walk into any restaurant or hotel and you will hardly find a Caymanian face working there.

    Same with the tourist shops in Georgetown.

    Why is this? It doesn’t take a college degree to make a bed or cut the grass.

    Just look at the security guards, even those in government buildings. How many are Caymanians? Why so few?

    I’m not saying these are great jobs. The pay may be low and the hours unsocial. But they ARE jobs.

    Caymanians have a built-in advantage compared to any ex-pat taking these jobs because the employer doesn’t have to pay a work permit fee of about 4,000 a year per person employed.

    Sometimes I wonder why Cayman even bothers to promote a tourist business when so few Caymanians work in it. (Except for taxi drivers and Sting Ray City charters).

  5. Why? Long Term Resident that’s a good question.
    If you have been following what is really happening in this country you would have the answer already.

    FYI,Government uses the Work Permit Board to grant work permits, generate revenue and they’re not even good at doing that if you’re reading the headlines! No one is brilliant enough to write a revenue financial projection over even 6 months much more 5 years, so the public purse is always in jeopardy with this incompetent government.
    Caymanians are being disenfranchised twice over and one hundred times over by this government and the employers in the private sector and government with their bad hiring habits in the civil service is worse. Cayman is (expletive) up and the only hope is to get rid of this UDP government and its failed policies and put Mr. Ezzard Miller a man of vision who is educated to lead this country.

    The UDP’s goal is to continue daily to disenfranchise every Caymanian keeping them jobless in exchange for work permit fees. Then at election time invite jobless and homeless or almost homeless voters to prostitute themselves and their children for a hand out of a measly:-

    dryer etc
    some pocket money

    And now Dart who owns the UDP and keeps them in his back pocket, is offering 20,000 to Caymanians to pay their mortgages @ did you hear the news?! Yes he and the UDP cares less about them having a job, so long as he gets his hands on our pristine high net worth Beach Front crown land that this weak governor and the Premier and cabinet is throwing into his hands. Caymanians have been humiliated enough under this UDP government.

    Enough is enough.

  6. Hey Long Term Resident, do not be misled by DonQuijote

    Caymanians, our young people go abroad are well educated they come back with a degree from highly accreditd or Ivy League colleges and universities and were told they would get a job. When they apply, they are rejected because they are Caymanian!

    You see Long Term Resident our Cayman Islands government can not collect a work permit fee from an employer for them! Caymanian young people with degrees, highly skilled, professionals CAN NOT GET A JOB IN THEIR HOMELAND! They are sold daily by their politicians they elected to serve them.

    There are l9 lawyers that CAN NOT GET A JOB

    Mr. Bush promised to force local law firms to hire them , that was a year ago, and he has since his words of promise done
    ‘ N O T H I N G!

    Got the idea now?

  7. I well understand the benefit to the government of being able to collect Work Permit Fees from ex-pats to pay for local schools (etc) that the same ex-pat’s children are not even allowed to attend!

    But I don’t understand why EMPLOYERS would willingly pay work permit fees of up to some 40,000 per year for an ex-pat attorney when they can save that substantial sum of money by employing a Caymanian.

    Help us out here employers. If you run a restaurant, hotel or even a law firm please tell us why you are employing so many ex-pats.

  8. longtermresident, I don’t claim to know much about the finance/legal industry and their work permit situation, but I can tell you for a fact that in the tourism trade jobs the work permits come down to employee attitude.

    The entire divemaster and scuba industry could be staffed by young Caymanians. There are more than enough young Caymanians to replace all of the expat divemasters on work permits.

    These young people would need training and this is entry level work. Unfortunately, young Caymanians have no interest in this sort of a job.

    Uplift us from Poverty?

    The Jobs are There.

  9. I have to agree with LTR, I find it hard to understand why so many employers prefer to hire expats and pay a fee. I Can’t believe the CIG can force them to. I would also like to here from some employers why they hire so many expat. Employers please explain….

  10. Okay, lets try on a different pair of shoes for a moment.

    When a company is newly open. For a new employer on the island, he’s thinking, if i hire local. I save thousands. If I go with an expat. I lose and waste money.

    So, naturally, he goes with the no brainer and tries to hire locally. Hire Caymanian. His first task, trying to hire a local. Few applications come, the ones that come in, aren’t great, no experience. And ask about taking vacation before the 3 month trial period is over. He picks the best local candidate. But within less than a month. He gets burned. The Caymanian either quits, or has an attitude that gets them fired.

    Well, that was just one person, the employer tells himself, just a bad apple. Lets try again. That money savings is too good to pass up.

    Employer goes through the same hiring process as before, hires another Caymanian, because of the savings. Now, he wasted 2 or 3 months with the last employee. Getting no where. Lets hope this one works out better. Has to right?

    Second employee does the same as the first. Late, or doesn’t show up. Lame excuses for their attitude. The employee lets them go as well.

    Now the employer is getting anxious to fill this position with some one who will last at least 6 months. He’s now wasted 4 to 6 months on two employees. He really doesn’t have time for this. Because he’s not only running his business. When he has no worker, he also has to be his staff as well. 16 hour work days are fun!

    So, he thinks to himself. It’s going to be 4k out of pocket. I will try a 6 month permit for an expat. At this point he is desperate, and willing to throw perfectly good money away, just to get someone who will work out.
    well…. he hires an expat, who comes thousands of miles away, and can’t afford to screw up on any job. Because for a 6 month contract. That expat would be losing money in the move to the island. So this increases the chances that the expat will work hard, complains little and is rarely late. And guess what. The expat WANTS to stay working at his place of business.

    So the employer finds his first worker, they are what he needs in attitude and work ethic. But he has to pay more out of pocket. Which is the downside, which he’s not really thrilled about.

    Now he does well and eventually has the need for a second position.

    What would you do in his situation? Try hiring a local, and go through all of that again. Or hire an expat, who you have seen, more than likely will work out. Almost guaranteed to work out due to the expats situation.

    That is what is happening.

    Now mind you, this isn’t 100% all the time. There are many Caymanian’s that have an expat mentality. Work hard, never late, some loyalty to the company.

    But the bad apple situation must be happening enough, that the current situation is the way it is.

    I have seen personally, a young Caymanian get hired, at a VERY good company and get fired 3 days later, because he was late each and every single day. With no excuse to why he was late.

    I have a friend who have been in business many years. Likes to hire locals, only to have the new workers, collect their first paycheck. Head out to honduras for months, and come back onto the job site, ready to work again.
    And wonder why they are fired.

    A few spoil it for the rest. An employer gets burned once or twice, they are going to be shy, there after.

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