Appleyard on conference circuit

Since departing from CINICO, Carole Appleyard has been keeping a low profile in the Cayman Islands. But she and her company have been appearing on agendas for a variety of health-related conferences in the region.

Most recently, Ms Appleyard, who is the former general manager of the Cayman Islands Insurance Company, attended the sixth annual Caribbean Conference on National Health Financing Initiatives in Bermuda where she was an adviser on overseas care.

Explaining her role at the conference, she said, “The countries gave their reports and I started off the topics, looking at the countries’ reports and the recommendations for the future.”
One of the vital elements in the future of overseas healthcare that Ms Appleyard spoke about at the meeting was telehealth – the use of telecommunications for patients to have teleconferences with overseas specialists who may help diagnose ailments without the need to travel.

“Telehealth can play a large role in cost containment,” she said.

Ms Appleyard also spoke in May at the Latin American Conference on Infomatics, known as InfoLac, conference in Guadalajara, Mexico, where she held a workshop on the financial analysis of the benefits outcome from adopting Infomatics-based ideology across all aspects of healthcare delivery. She also presented on the role of infomatics in managing health insurance fraud and ensuring accurate and timely automated provider reimbursements.

She launched her business, Carole Appleyard Consulting Limited, an international healthcare consultancy, in February.

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