Christmas party to remember

Last Saturday I was invited to what I thought was “another” Christmas staff party. It was anything but! In fact it was another showcase, not only of music but the positive results of an investment by a local qualified medical professional with foresight and heavy dose of confidence. It was the Christmas staff party of the Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial private hospital.

Initially I was apprehensive as my invitation said “formal”, which is not the normal requirement for a Caribbean party but excusable as it was at the Westin Ball Room, historically the top tier location of formal entertaining prior to the recent entry of new ones.

What impressed me? In a similar way that I was blown away by the musical Homecoming Cayman Thanksgiving concert at Pageant Beach, I was treated to a most enjoyable evening, the best I have had in a very long time. To be brief I will summarise some of what impressed me:

The room was crowded – very few no shows.

The group was comprised of all levels of staff intermingling with obvious camaraderie, patients and other clients like myself who along with family use the hospital services.

A generous distribution of valuable prizes and awards.

Literally thunderous applause and cheering for recipients of HR awards.

A talent show that kept everyone’s interest and attention and the winner keeping $2,000.

The announcement of a profitable year with the doctors cumulatively making over 30,000 consultations.

Audible short speeches.

Seeing the whole board of directors in attendance with no aloofness.

Sharing information of two big future plans – acquisition of a new high tech machine (the first in the Caribbean) and the plans to pursue medical tourism.

The presence of a professional photographer to take pictures of guests in front of a traditional Christmas tree.

The competence of the MC who kept proceedings moving in a lively and entertaining way.

The band – the Unity Band – all local young people – male and female with obvious talent and charisma who kept everyone – young, old and very old moving, animated and happy.

Dr. Steve Tomlinson, the conductor who orchestrated everything that made the night possible, was described by another doctor as a visionary. There was no evidence to contradict that statement and I would only add that he is an achieving visionary and deserves to be congratulated for proving that Caymanians can excel in more than one field.

Lee Maragh

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