Severance package proposals go out in TCI

Just three days before Christmas, the Turks and Caicos Islands governor’s office confirms it has begun distributing ‘voluntary severance packages’ to civil service applicants.

The packages are not tantamount to firing; they were distributed to gauge interest in voluntary severance measures among 697 public sector workers in the TCI, the governor’s office said.

“These quotations outline the compensation package available to individual applicants should they decide to apply for voluntary severance, and TCI government accepts their application,” a statement from Governor Ric Todd’s office read.

The quotation pack includes an application form in case civil service workers wish to proceed with voluntary lay offs. A support package would be made available to successful volunteers, the governor’s office said.

Support includes financial advice from a variety of sources, CV and interview skills advice, general career advice, how to identify private sector job opportunities, vocational and academic training and skills courses.

“Each individual will have three weeks to consider their own offer and decide whether or not to apply,” the TCI governor’s office noted.



  1. I know one of the statutory agencies in this island where my friend used to work and redundancy was made so as to cut costs. after severance packages were given to affected staff, one of them was retained and made to work continuously at a government job, apparently because of connections this woman has to upper management. if this will always be the case, i bet most of the civil servants would surely volunteer to the severance package offer!

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