Tourist swimmer dies

A 62-year-old American tourist died Thursday morning, 22 December, after becoming ill while swimming at Smith Cove, George Town.

Police, who received a report on the incident at 10.15am, said the man was swimming with his wife, about 50 yards from shore at the popular snorkelling spot, when he appeared to get into difficulty.

His wife helped him back to shore, but as he attempted to get out of the water, he apparently lost consciousness.

People visiting Smith Cove helped the woman get her husband onto dry land where she administered CPR until the arrival of the emergency services.

The man was taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital, but was found to be dead on arrival.

Police enquiries are ongoing.



  1. Be careful who you calling OLD! I am older than that poor man and I swim just fine, thank you. A lot of us old Islanders can swim in deep water! We probably have been swimming before you were born. But I will say, the tourists need to use a little common sense. Some of these tourists as snorkeling for the first time. Safety first; always.

  2. Just a note to these comments: The tourist was my friend. Traveled world-wide scuba diving and snorkeling – it was not his inexperience that played a role this accident.

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