Magnum Jewellers robbed by tool-wielding bandits

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Updated: Royal Cayman Islands Police detectives investigating Thursday’s robbery at Magnum Jewellers said later in the day that the suspects were using a stolen vehicle that was later found burnt out in George Town. 

The vehicle, a grey Rav-4, was stolen from Seaside Way, Savannah, sometime between 9pm Wednesday and 6.10am Thursday, police said.

The vehicle was found burned out on Wahoo Close in George Town, not far from where the jewellery store was robbed. 

 Three men armed with what appeared to be axes or hammers entered the downtown George Town jewellery store late Thursday morning, smashing glass cases and taking everything they could get their hands on, according to the store’s owner.

The robbery was reported to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service around 11.20am Thursday; one of the busiest shopping days on Grand Cayman before Christmas. There were passengers from up to six cruise ships in port and wandering about the downtown area at the time the heist occurred.

“This is the last thing we needed,” said Magnum Jewellers owner Harry Chandi, speaking on the scene just minutes after the robbery occurred. “Three guys came in here with axes, it was like a movie. I don’t even know what they took yet.”

Police first said that it appeared that the suspects used some kind of tool to
break into the cases, and that they appeared to be hammers and not

Officers later clarified that axes had been used to break through the display cases.

According to Mr. Chandi, the suspects actually entered the store twice, collecting merchandise from the smashed glass cases both times. Glass and debris littered the floor of the store on Cardinall Avenue as police questioned store workers.

Mr. Chandi said three people were inside the business at the time of the robbery, but no one was hurt.

“This is the first time something like this has happened to me in 25 years,” said Mr. Chandi, who owns three jewellery stores in downtown George Town.

Police said the suspects got into a car and drove off from the scene. No arrests were immediately reported.  

“We have video of the whole thing,” he said.

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An employee surveys the robbery scene at Magnum Jewellers on Cardinall Avenue in George Town
Brent Fuller

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  1. Wow….. what more can I say, they just have no fear…Someone should have shot them dead as a lesson to the next…Oh but not in Cayman where the bad guys have the protection of the law…Good guys you are on your own..

  2. Now how is this going to affect the cruise business. If the cops and judges dont get tough Cayman will be the next Mexico. You wont have to worry about a port or international banking. Digger

  3. NJ2Cay

    Don’t make me laugh till I die (howling with laughter)!

    What they gonna shoot them…their fingers ?

    Even me, here in Britain, can have a non-lethal bore weapon in my house to protect me should someone decide, stupidly, to kick down my door and attempt to rob me.

    I’m not being funny…my heart bleeds for my liitle Cayman Islands…a place I will always love and miss dearly.

    Especially at this time of the year.

  4. Is probably the law in Cayman to own a Slingshot or Maybe a rubber band and paper clip. For heavens sake someone might a robbers eye out.

    This would never happened in a city like New York City, the Owner would have shot them both dead himself..

    I’m sure the Cruise ship visitors will have a lot to talk about when they get back to the states..


    Check out this video…

    Supergran here didn’t have no pistolero either…

    But she sure gave this lot what for with her trusty old hand bag.

    In Cayman, the RCIPS would probably have arrested her for assault and seized her handbag and charged her with possession of an offensive weapon !

  6. Firey, I watched the video, all I can say is that it was freaking hilarious. The funniest part was granny beating the guy that fell off his scooter. These crooks need to come to Cayman for training. You’d think that after one blow to the window with a sledge hammer they realize it wasn’t working

  7. Yeah…

    It’s hilarious all right; she gave him a right old walloping with her handbag and delayed him long enough so that others could restrain and detain him…once they’d held the one, the police could easily round up the others who had gotten away.

    She said that when she saw the commotion she originally thought it was some lads beating up on another one and she wasn’t having any of it…so she came charging over, handbag in hand.

    Did you see this 71-yro old lady sprinting to the action ?

    She puts many a police officer to shame.

    On a more serious note, this incident would have gone a long way in driving another nail in Cayman’s tourism industry…especially cruises.

    Cayman’s policies on law-enforcement and firearms is actually helping criminals…they obviously have no fear of anything or anyone, anymore.

    They need supergran on the case in Cayman; she’d soon sort them out LOL !

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