Lochte preparing for London pool showdown with Phelps

To earn an Olympic medal in London next year, Cayman’s Fraser brothers will have to go against the world’s best. 

Among their competitors will be Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps. The Americans are the top 200 metre swimmers. Lochte, 27, states in his mind the 2012 London Olympics will be all about his battle with Phelps, 26. 

“All I can say is it’s my time,” Lochte said. “There is no way around it. The big talk of 2012 is going to be me and Michael. I put myself in that kind of position where I’ve gotten a lot faster since 2008 and I’m able to race the world’s greatest swimmer and it’s an honour to be racing against him and being on the same team and same pool as him. 

“Hands down, and I’ll say this over and over and over, Michael Phelps is the world’s greatest swimmer.”  

Cayman’s Shaune Fraser, 23 and brother Brett Fraser, 22, got a first-hand taste of Phelps and Lochte’ abilities. At the world championships in Shanghai this summer, the duo claimed 12 medals. Lochte would win the 200m individual medley event and post a world record time of 1:54.00. Shaune meanwhile would reach the semis. 

Lochte states that performance is long gone from his mind. 

“A lot of people say that after the last two to three years what I have accomplished, I am the new Michael. For me, it goes through one ear and out the other. 

“For me, as far as I’m concerned, last year never happened. I mean, I’m over it. As far as I’m concerned, I’m at the bottom. I know Michael wasn’t happy after Shanghai. So I know he’s in the pool training hard and that’s a little motivation for me.  

“I have to train even harder. I have to find different ways to get faster. I know he’s training his butt off and I got to do the same.” 


Lochte outdid the Fraser brothers at the world championships. – PHOTO: AP

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