Editorial for 29 December: Holiday roads are a wreck

It seems despite the best efforts of the Royal Cayman
Islands Police Service, the local press and volunteer groups to get the word
out this holiday season, people are still making bad decisions while travelling
on our roads.

So far, within the past month, we’ve had at least three
major wrecks, two leading to the deaths of Richard Martin and Richard Rivera. A
third just happened Wednesday and sent two young men to hospital – one of them
seriously injured.

The driver now charged with killing Mr. Martin while drink
driving is before the court. According to a senior police accident
investigator, excessive speed was what killed Mr. Rivera.

We don’t know yet what caused Wednesday’s accident, but it
did happen at 2.20am.

Those are just a few of the incidents that police are now
having to investigate, aside from a larger than usual number of drink driving
arrests and a far greater number of accidents than is typically seen throughout
the year.

Why is it that the holiday season in Cayman seems to bring
out the worst in us when it comes to road safety?

For two straight Christmas holidays now, the families of
some Cayman Islands residents have suffered tragedy due to careless, reckless
or drunken driving. We have not forgotten the December 2010 death of Michael
Edgington, another young man who was struck by a suspected drink driver.

The 2010 holiday season also saw a doubling in the number of
car accidents when compared to the rest of that year.

Come on, people; we’re better than this, aren’t we?

We at the Caymanian Compass are frankly weary of writing
about the silly waste of human life, property and money that are the result of
these holiday car accidents; to say nothing of the unspeakable tragedies being
visited upon the families of the victims.

How long will it take people to wake up?




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  1. The question: How long will it take people to wake up?
    The answer: Never.

    Drinking is a part of the seasonal culture, and other special occasions/events, worldwide.
    Imbibing in fermented, distilled or other mind alternating substances has been around since man lit his first fire. This can never be changed.
    Many have tried, all have failed.
    There were consequences then as there are now; the greatest being the needless loss of human life.

    Can it be mediated? Yes.
    Can it controlled with an iron fist? No.

    Roadblocks and arrests of DUIs are only a temporary stopgap.
    They don’t stop excessive drinking/driving, they may curtail it somewhat, and it does remove some, but not all, potential carnage on the roads.

    The best any society can do is to try to instill a sense of personal responsibility upon its people.
    Educate and hope for a self regulating level of temperance and consideration for others.

    Regardless, it all boils down to personal Choices, resulting in either positive or negative consequences.