Tourism upgrade needed

When I compare the days of the 1990s and now when it comes to tourists here in Cayman this time of the season, we find that now it is so very bad.

Many of the tourists cannot afford to buy a small bottle of rum. Many that do come off the cruise ships are on the Island for a very short time, mostly now to look around, take a low cost tour close to the ship and then back on board long before their last tender time.

The taxis are not making enough money to keep up properly. Many of the stores might not make it to next year if we do not see a fast steady cash flow into the capital and the hands of the people islandwide.

We must take a closer look at the tourists that are now in the hotels that stay with us for days and offer them sine real Caymanian know how fun, like beach parties on different parts of Cayman; a nice bon fire with good Caymanian food.

We need to pay very good attention to our tourist trade and do all we can do to upgrade it. For to upgrade the money coming in only means more money for all the people on Cayman. As we all know, for this to happen we need the right minds in our Government that are with the people working together to do the well needed upgrade to our tourist trade and the Caymanian people.

So come on Caymanians, let us try our very best to bring back not only the tourists that love Cayman ,but bring back some of the good things the tourists came here to see and enjoy in peace and love and respect.

So this tourist season, we welcome one and all from all over the world to enjoy your special time with us here on Grand Cayman. Peace and love to all worldwide.

From Grand Cayman’s people, God bless.

Emile S. Levy

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