Florida looks for happy nude year

It’s only an hour away but up in Florida they’re planning to hit this tourism thing rather differently in 2012.

Pasco County is currently home to more than 10 nudist colonies and County commissioners have now approved funding to develop a July and August promotion targeting European nudists.

There’s even a designated organisation called the Pasco Area Naturist Development Association, which quite coincidentally forms the not-at-all-cringeworthy acronym PANDAbare.

Weekender once interviewed some scouse nudists on a camp near Southport. They were lovely people who were preparing to burn a wicker man in honour of summer solstice.

Naked bare nudity

President Paul Brenot told ABC News that the promotion would be targetting France, Germany, the Netherlands and Britain.

“There are over 19 million practicing nudists in there,” he says, nudely,

“So heck, if we just garner a hundredth of one percent, that’s a lot of tourism coming in.”

Weekender tried to get hold of Paul for further comment but he’d left his mobile phone at home because he didn’t have any pockets to carry it around in.

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