A celebration of women in March

March is Honouring Women Month and this year the Family Resource Centre is encouraging girls and women to get together and celebrate their strengths, talents and achievements on International Women’s Day, which this year will be celebrated Thursday, 8 March.

Camana Bay is proud to be hosting the event, which will include competitions, auctions, music and dance planned by the Family Resource centre. The event is scheduled to take place at Gardenia Court in Camana Bay from 5.30pm to 8pm.

“The goal of the international campaign is to showcase the talents of girls and women and to connect with positive role models,” says Miriam Foster, a centre representative.

Shoe Auction

It’s a fact: women love shoes. So what better way to raise funds for the Family Resource Centre’s programmes than by having women bid on shoes?

In the Silent Shoe Auction, corporate sponsors purchase shoes from NKY Soles, Camana Bay, to donate to the event. Members of the public may then bid silently on their favourite pair of shoes.

Those wishing to participate in the competitions will need to register in advance and in most cases prepare their pieces ahead of time. Girls ages 14 and older are eligible to enter all competitions. There will be four separate competitions. They include:

Drab to Fab

Take an outdated, frumpy dress (to be supplied by FRC) and transform it into something funky, fresh and fashionable. The end result will be modelled at a small fashion show on 8 March. The models will all be ladies who are doing positive work in the community for girls and women.


In this cooking competition, contestant must prepare a dish of their choice, the only stipulation being that it must contain the four obligatory ingredients: bacon, fish, corn and kale. Any additional ingredients may also be used. Contestant will prepare their dish before hand and present it for judging at the event.

She Can Do It

Calling all engineers – take one box of spaghetti and one bag of mini-marshmallows and use these to build a bridge. This competition will take place on site and will have to be completed within a set time. There is nothing to prevent you from practicing at home beforehand, however. Judges will test bridges to see the weight they can withstand.

How Poetic

Scribes, get your pens out and write a poem that portrays women in a positive light. This competition is also open to men and boys.

My Picture

Capture the perfect image of girls and women, showcasing their abilities or achievements, and submit your picture to this photographic competition. This competition is also open to men.

There will be two judges for each competition who are experts in their particular fields. The third judge will be the attendees themselves, who are all invited to cast their vote.

There will be a prize of $250 for each of the competitions. The overall aim, however, Ms Foster stresses, is to have fun, meet mentors and role models and celebrate women.