Artists pair for Genesis return

When Betty Lou Hendrickson and Karen Coles exhibited together at Full of Beans in April 2011 it was the start of a great creative friendship. 

So much so that the pair has reunited for a second helping, aptly named Genesis II, which kicks off at the coffee house with an opening party on Tuesday, 6 March from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. 

“We considered [that first show] our beginnings,” Karen tells Weekender. “We were absolutely overwhelmed with the turnout and sales and enjoyed the whole experience so much that we decided to exhibit again this year in March. I also exhibited at the 2011 Ogier Art Award Show and will be exhibiting in England during the summer.” 

Betty Lou adds that she’s also exhibited in visual arts exhibitions and [email protected] The theme of her work in this iteration is Connections, she says. 

“I am continuing to explore the connections between my emotions, my vision, and my paintings,” she says. “Inspiration comes from the Masters such as Van Gogh and Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian artist. It also comes from the colours of Cayman and the Caribbean; the ocean, the foliage, and the people.” 


Inspired by colour 

Karen says she is mainly inspired by colours and abstraction. 

“As an artist I not only aim to enjoy the experience of painting but part of the fun is to have my work hanging in people’s homes,” she says. “Therefore I set my prices at what I consider to be reasonable and hope that this encourages everyone to own at least one piece of original art. My interest in art stemmed from a curiosity as to how someone could replicate an image on paper. I had not studied art at school and honestly had no idea how it could be done. It is still a complete fascination for me and I just love seeing how a painting starts to come to life as you put pencil or paint on the canvas and then it seems to take on a life of its own.” 

Betty Lou started to take her art seriously a number of years ago when she took part in a workshop exploring the drawing of a Mandala as a spiritual practice, which she says she understood as a meditation practice. 

“I find that painting has continued to feed my soul and my focus on the world around me,” she says. “Cayman has a large artistic population of artists and artisans, who are talented and creative people, willing to share their artistic skills with others. It is a vibrant and diverse community of talent.” 

Karen agrees; she says the current scene is active, as proven by a look around the new National Gallery or Pure Art. But there is still a lot out there to be discovered, she concludes. 

“Even at these venues there is only a small representation of all the artists here,” she says. “However, it is still difficult for emerging artists to find venues to sell their work and to this end the National Gallery and Visual Arts Society are a great help encouraging artists to exhibit at events such as Art at Governors and Art at the Castle et cetera.” 

The opening night of the exhibition also features complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres.