Leader calls for Premier investigation

Premier ‘scared’ of ‘irresponsible’ MLAs

Electioneering claims by members of Cayman’s opposition political party have led to a full-fledged call for an 
investigation into activities of Premier McKeeva Bush in supporting an independent candidate for office in East End.  

Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin said Thursday that he would write the governor and auditor general asking them to look into Mr. Bush’s support for candidate John McLean, who is expected to run for office in the May 2013 elections.  

“This must be official corruption,” Mr. McLaughlin said of the matter.  

Mr. Bush told supporters in East End during a Tuesday public meeting that he had essentially by-passed elected East End MLA Arden McLean in favour of independent candidate John McLean in working to secure funding for several public projects for that area of Grand Cayman.  

“With John McLean, we put [these projects] in place for this district,” Mr. Bush said, admitting that John McLean was his “preferred candidate” for East End. John McLean ran against Arden McLean in 2009 and lost.  

The money for the various projects will come from funds provided to government by the Dart group of companies, according to Mr. Bush. The total amount for the works is expected to be between $200,000 and $250,000.  

The premier said John McLean had come to him seeking funding for the projects and deserved praise for his efforts. 

On Thursday, the Premier clarified that neither the government, nor Dart was giving John McLean any money. He also added that several people had approached him about projects in East End district, not John McLean alone  

“There is no official corruption anywhere and we can stand before the world and say so,” Mr. Bush said. “The only official corruption in this country has been with [former UCCI President Hassan] Syed.” The Premier’s last comment refers to an ongoing police investigation that involved allegations Mr. Syed had absconded after improperly spending $350,000 on his university issued credit card. Some of that cash was later paid back out of Mr. Syed’s salary.  

Arden McLean said Wednesday that he had presented a number of recommended projects for East End district to Cabinet members in 2010. Those included improvements to East End Primary School, support for after school programmes and the extension of John McLean Drive.  

“It’s a sad day in this country when the premier announces that the richest man in this country is financing the candidates’ election,” Mr. McLean said. “How can we have fair elections in this country?”  

Mr. McLean said only the primary school issues had been addressed since he gave the Cabinet presentation.  

Other ‘non-priority projects’ listed by Mr. McLean in 2010 included: A new retirement home facility, storm shutters for local residents, road paving projects, and bathroom facilities for the Rankine playing field.  

Mr. Bush told supporters Tuesday that he simply couldn’t work with Arden McLean in East End because the elected member had made it too difficult.  

“Even Alden is finding that out,” the premier said, in reference to the opposition leader.  


Bush slams Miller 

Mr. Bush lashed out Tuesday at North Side’s MLA, who he accused of making ‘irresponsible’ statements, while admitting he snubbed East End’s legislative representative over funding for some community projects.  

Mr. Bush’s comments regarding independent North Side MLA Ezzard Miller and some of his supporters came shortly after a George Town rally last month in which Mr. Miller told those attending a political rally not to trust the ruling United Democratic Party or the “Dart conglomerate”.  

“You cannot believe anything they tell you,” Mr. Miller said. “Beware of strangers bearing gifts.”  

Premier Bush said Tuesday to a group of supporters in East End, the home district of opposition MLA Arden McLean, that he was ‘scared’ of the two representatives and some of their followers.  

“I am scared, not of what they say about me,” Mr. Bush said. “What I am scared of is the height of irresponsibility Arden, Ezzard, and their cohorts are promoting and calling it love of Cayman. 

“What really worries me is the latest recklessness from the likes of Ezzard, Arden and Paul Rivers. I am old enough to understand and to know how a country can be destabilised. You hear what they’re calling for. That can’t be the leadership that you want; a path to violence, burning down things, hatred of foreigners, rejecting the law of the land and destruction of public property.”  

Mr. Bush’s comments refer in part to a statement made by Mr. Miller at the earlier rally in George Town.  

That evening, Mr. Miller, the event’s final speaker, said the following: “If I hear Mr. Dart or his people remind me one more time about the little park they gave me in North Side, the people of North Side … I’m going to burn it down in North Side.”  

“This is not the time to tear down or burn down things,” Mr. Bush said. “Destabilisation doesn’t come … from investors who are putting millions of dollars into the country and creating jobs. People cannot afford to forget that public order, economic and social progress and prosperity are, at times, not the natural order of things.” 

Mr. Miller was contacted by the Compass for comment on Mr. Bush’s statements. The newspaper received no response by 
press time. 


  1. Dart wants everyone to bow to him because of his gifts bearing from afar…..Mr. Ezzard Miller is expressing his disgust for the Dart Group’s audacity to keep reminding North Siders about the Park he donated to them.
    Rich men get the foolish notion that their money makes them a God.Well by now Dart should have learned a few lessons.
    Dart need to be reminded that we gave him Cayman Status which was a huge mistake. So he needs to stop reminding N. Siders of the Park he donated. They did not ask for it it was a gift and they owe him nor McKeeva, nor the UDP anything North Siders owe Dart NOTHING!

    Dart need to know that not everyone in Cayman is for Sale. Obviously its not the same where the Premier is concerned.

  2. Dart would be better off adopting the same attitude of the rest of the rich folks and investors in Cayman most of which are Caymanian owned companies and forgo trying to do anything for the Country focusing only on his own business and profits. nothing he does will ever be appreciated by the Caymanian people, whatever he tries to give back will be treated as some kind of political interference and looked upon and it some kind of corruption. Now I see why none of the Companies that have been around for years and experienced Caymans resentment to anything they do Don’t bother..
    Eventually Dart will give up as well and start spending his money where it will be appreciated..

  3. I am led to believe that Mr. Dart offered to develop the island of Grand Bahama some years ago and they said they couldnt be bought. Funny how a movie star was able to buy her way in (Anna Nicole Smith). Ask the Bahamas if they wish their time back. Based on their economy, they would take Dart into the fold at the drop of a hat.

    Investment comes from locals or it comes from abroad. There isnt another variable. Outside of a few wealthy Caymanians and I only need my hands to count them, who in the name of blazes has the wherewithal to develop our island. We arnt’t the most advanced isalnd in the Caribbean by chance.

    So before you start trashing Dart and others who are making a significant contribution to our island, think about the alternatives.We are so graceful to accept the bounties of investment and accept where we are, but we are too quick to develop out attitude that others are developing our island. Thank God they are.

  4. After the last election a Jamaican landy was on tv singing Kurt is Mac donkey!!! Well who is the donkey NOW, all those out their with their foot stuck into their mouths, it’s not too late to turn this around and stop the distruction of our Islansd.

  5. Some of Ezzard’s comments concern me as well. Those referred to in the article are indefensible in my opinion. To believe that potential investors will not be deterred by such hostile remarks is misguided.

  6. Who out that believes that somebody is going to give us something for nothing? If Dart gives us something with one hand, for sure he’s going to take something back with the other. Witness the contentious West Bay Road swap, and the removal of the dump from GT to BT. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Everybody wants something for something.

    In this case, what Mr. Dart really wants is Crown land, and the Premier, we believe, doesn’t have the right to give it to him. You cannot go to another man’s country and dictate what you want just because you have money. We cannot just sell our birthright to the highest bidder. That’s just wrong, no matter who it is or how much they’re willing to pay.

    Right now the country is divided over these issues. Temper are flaring. Emotions are running sky-high. Something has to be done quickly about these matters. Otherwise, Cayman will become the next Syria, with rioting and bloodshed in the streets. How’s that for destabilization?

  7. Hopefully foreigners like myself who foolishly thought they were investing their money into a place where they would be welcomed and would find a peaceful place to retire to will listen to people like mamus and realize that they should stay away and if they’ve already been suckered in that it’s time to cut your losses and run before it’s to late.

  8. Mr. Bush told supporters in East End during a Tuesday public meeting that he had essentially by-passed elected East End MLA Arden McLean in favour of independent candidate John McLean in working to secure funding for several public projects for that area of Grand Cayman.

    Seems like he is saying; Regardless who is in the majority, I will make it work for who I want..

    This man is very unwise and bad four our country. With one side of his mouth he says he is afraid, (Must be of living in West Bay) and with the other side he makes statements which puts the minority voters in East End on the heads of the majority.. What a foul move, I believe they wrote about moves like that in the bible when Eve was tempted in the garden of Eden.

    You may not have respect for the man but you should respect the people’s uniform..

    Retire already Mr Bush, for the good of the country take a long vacation.. You have done West-Bay proud.

    Here is a jingle to hum as you leave..

    See the road-blocks, hear the gunfire, what’s that rat-Ta-Ta-tat, take the bypass not the front road Dart has got that. What’s the hold up, with the water, why cant the cash flow, why are those servants in the civil always holding up the dough.. Cut the red tape cut the reds tape go click a click click, this following of procedures makes a man sick..

  9. To: NJ2Cay

    You are welcomed to stay here as long as you treat the natives with respect (as you would want to be treated yourself. Be a law-abiding citizen. Show care and consideration for your neighbor. If you have money, don’t flaunt it. People don’t like that. If you can help someone, do so, without looking for anything in return. If you behave in this manner, what’s not to like? No one will bother you. You can stay as long as you like and enjoy the sunshine with us. People will think well of you. Mr. Ugland has money, too, but at least he respected the wishes of the people in West Bay and did not go through with his plans in Papagallo.

    Just some thoughts on how to get along with the natives.

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