Retreat empowers girls to achieve

The first weekend retreat for 16 girls of the Girls Empowerment and Motivational Sessions High School Club was marked on 25 February at the Grand Caymanian Resort in George Town.

Operated by Cayman Youth Inclusive Programmes, the group facilitates an after school club for girls ages 11-14 at John Gray and Clifton Hunter high schools.

Vanessa Hansen and April Cummings of WestStar TV spoke to the girls and told them of their unique stories of how they achieved success.

Other presenters participating in the retreat included staff members from The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, Fabian Bornefeld, Carleen Salmon and Catherine De Looper, who led the girls in self-awareness exercises and impressed the importance of a positive attitude.

Police officer Kahlisha Barbarom led a motivational discussion outlining various aspects of achieving success.

Programme Director Diana Johnson said, “One of the main goals of the retreat was to reinforce the club’s motto ‘In order to achieve, you must first believe you can.’ I believe that if given the correct information and opportunities at this critical age in their lives, girls will be well equipped to make food decision for their future.”

Other activities for the teen girls included swimming, team-building games, a sap session and informal discussions.

On Sunday, 26 February, the girls attended church service at First Assembly of God where 13-year-old club president Ariel Oliver delivered a speech encouraging young women to believe in themselves and asking parents to support their children.