Online poll: Cayfest favourite artistic event

Cayfest is Cayman’s most popular artistic event for respondents to last week’s poll. 

Of the 238 respondents to the poll, 81 of them – 34 per cent – said Cayfest was the artistic event in Cayman they enjoyed most. 

“I love all of these events, but for some reason my personal schedule only seems open for Cayfest,” said one person. “I truly think Cayman is a gem when it comes to the artistic events that it holds throughout the year.” 

“Cayfest incorporates so many elements: there are dance vibes, fresh fashions, praise music, stage plays, film competitions and more. It’s all inclusive and lasts for an entire month of April,” said another respondent. “Definitely Cayfest is the winner.” 

“Cayfest has the best variety of local content from visual arts to culinary to literary and performing,” someone else commented. “Just the name Cayfest, makes me want to dance in the street!” 

The Cayman Arts Festival was the artistic event enjoyed the most by 59 people, or 24.8 per cent. 

“The Cayman Arts Festival is brilliant, bringing in top-level talent that really reaches out to the community, especially children,” said one person. 

“Art at Governor’s is good, but the professionalism of the performers at Cayman Arts Festival is without equal in the Cayman Islands on a regular basis,” said someone else. 

Fifty people – 21 per cent – said [email protected]’s is the artistic event they enjoyed most and 12 people – 5 per cent – said the Muziac Music Festival was their favourite. 

Thirty-six people – 15 per cent – responded ‘other’ to the question. 

Several people who responded ‘other’ mentioned Gimistory. 

“What about Gimistory?” asked one person. “That should have been included in the list.” 

“Gimistory is a fantastic international storytelling festival and community fry fish competition, all free to the community,” said someone else. 

Other events which some people said they enjoyed most included the concerts at Camana Bay, cooking classes, Taste of Cayman, Rundown, The Big Brothers, Big Sisters Souper Bowl and Pirates Week. 

Several people commented on the now defunct Jazzfest.  

“I miss the Jazzfest,” said one person. 

“Please bring Jazzfest back,” said someone else. 

One person had a different view on what constituted an artistic event. 

“I personally enjoy election time; you get to see all the incredible acting skills of those running for office. Now that’s art.” 


Next week’s poll question 

What do you think should happen to the George Town Landfill? 

Nothing; it’s really not a problem at all 

It should be remediated using mining and waste-to-energy technology 

Close, cap and remediate it and create a solid waste facility elsewhere on Grand Cayman 

I don’t know 


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