Police investigate bust up between officers

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service confirmed Wednesday it is looking into an “alleged dispute” between police officers that occurred in mid-February.

According to information obtained by the Caymanian Compass, the reported incident occurred in the vicinity of the George Town courthouse and is the subject of an internal investigation by the force.

“There is no suggestion that an assault took place,” said RCIPS spokesperson Janet Dougall, responding to Caymanian Compass questions about the matter.

Police declined to identify either officer involved in the “dispute”, but the Compass understands one was a senior ranking officer.

“As the matter is subject of an investigation, it would be inappropriate to comment further or identify any of the officers allegedly involved,” Mrs. Dougall said.

K-9 cop resigns

An RCIPS officer has resigned over a November incident where one of the department’s K-9 officers was struck by a vehicle, according to members of the police association.

Department officials declined to comment on the matter.

Police said in November that the Belgian Malinois, ‘Misty’, died as the result of being struck by a car.

Misty was one of six new K-9 officers brought in by the force last year to help in search and rescue operations.

According to a police report, around 3am Sunday, 27 November, the dog’s body was found on the East-West Arterial highway in Newlands.

A post-mortem exam confirmed the animal died of injuries suffered after being hit by a vehicle.

The dog and her handler were both off duty at the time the accident occurred.


  1. Just take the news from the police information officer with a grain of salt and remember that a substantial number of the senior officers are British and the information officer is also British.Think on these things. By far the vast majority of junior officers are local or West Indian, Canadian or a few from other countries. I am skeptical about the reason why the parties cannot be identified. Luckily we have the right to know now under the information law so it will come out sooner or later. Unfortunately, should the police delay release of the information unnecessarily long(which they always do),the public might forget or loose interest in the story, an injustice might be done and thats the end of that. Remember the long running saga of the polygraph tests and the series of investigations i.e. Tempura and others and lately the Removal of an inspector and a sergeant being demoted in questionable circumstances?We are just hearing about the completion of the investigation and if you ask me, its because the Police Hierachy was forced by the current right to know law why we hear the outcome. If you are old enough you will know what used to happen in the past where information from inside that organization was concerned. watch this site for develoment. Mall road knows a lot about this incident. People go and give evidence don’t let injustice prevail in our Island.