A literally literary lunch looms (alliteratively)

Tim Dorsey doesn’t do things by halves. But he does do things deliciously. 

The popular author is launching his latest book, Pineapple Grenade, with a seven day cruise from Tampa with stops in Roatan, Belize, Cozumel and Grand Cayman. On the journey there’ll be cocktails, chats and plenty of food. 

We mention this because when Tim docks in George Town on Tuesday, 13 March he will be visiting Books & Books in Camana Bay for a special lunch chat with the public, who’ll be well on board for the latest laugh-thrills in the Serge Storms series.  

“Great books always make me super hungry,” Tim declares. “Never read on an empty stomach! People tend to be in a much brighter mood when food is around a book event.” 

It’s a fair point and one we are happy to agree with in Weekendersville. 


The plot thickens 

Without giving too much away, Storms has finagled his way into becoming a secret agent in Miami, spying for the president of a banana republic. Will he still have time for a cocktail before Homeland Security brings him down?  

Well, you’ll obviously have to read the book to find out, buddies. We do wonder what Serge Storm would make of Cayman. 

“Serge is down with any place that has mega stingrays,” says Tim, sagely. 

The process of writing a series rather than a standalone book is slightly different, he advises. 

“Make sure you have a main character that can do a lot of heavy lifting – and is ready for a lot of life changes.” And a lot of lunches, presumably. 

This free, hourlong event will include an author presentation, group discussion and book signing. The Michael’s Genuine Food Cart will be on-site, offering a selection of delicious boxed lunches for sale for $9, we’re told, including roast beef hoagie, curried chickpea wrap and a sweet and spicy chicken salad wrap. All come with 12 ounce homemade soda, crisps and a chocolate chunk cookie. Yum! 

Tim Dorsey is appearing at Books & Books in Camana Bay on Tuesday, 13 March between 1pm and 2pm. Free event.