In search of the Goat Woman

Shad is a detective in a Jamaican fishing village. He’s the go-to guy for all problems, not least Eric, the American who owns a hurricane-ruined bar and hotel.

One day, Shad sees what he thinks is a goat on an offshore island. But it’s not; it’s Simone, who finds her way into Eric’s heart. As the story unravels, a gunshot is heard – but why would someone want to harm this American exile? And what does she have to do with local elections?

That’s what author Gillian Royes tackles in her new book, The Goat Woman of Largo Bay. She’s launching it on Saturday, 10 March at 7pm in Books & Books in Camana Bay with a presentation, signing and discussion. She tells us that it’s the first in a series of novels.

“I’ve always written,” she says. “But I got to the point where I wanted to become more creative, to stretch myself. Once I started writing Goat Woman, there was no turning back. In this book, political corruption [is highlighted as an issue that is faced by Jamaicans]. Each book will include another issue.”

Writing style

Indeed, Gillian was born in Kingston and has previously written two nonfiction books. The author also holds a doctorate in American Studies. She says most of the debut novel is inspired by her Jamaican background, aside from the writing style which is American.

“[I am inspired by] literary writers, like Isabel Allende, but I’ve been an Agatha Christie fan for a looooong time,” she says.

There’s no mystery about that. Gillian has visited the Cayman Islands many times, having once had a business on Grand Cayman.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how the island takes to the book,” she declares.

Already there’s a new project on the go from the prolific author. The Man who Turned Both Cheeks is out on 4 December, but for now let’s see what Shad can come up with.

Join Caribbean author Gillian Royes at Books & Books in Camana Bay on Saturday, 10 March at 7pm for the Cayman Islands launch of The Goat Woman of Largo Bay. Free event.