Search for Nathan Clarke called off

Officers coordinating the search for missing Teaching Assistant Nathan Clarke have confirmed that the search has been called off.

It’s been sixteen days since Nathan was last seen walking towards the water’s edge on Seven Mile Beach near Calico Jack’s.

Hundreds of civilian volunteers have worked alongside RCIPS officers during the search and specialist dogs were brought onto the Island from Metro-Dade last week. However, despite the tens of thousands of man hours spent searching the land and sea, no trace of Nathan has been found. His cell phone was recovered offshore on the Wednesday following his disappearance.

Chief Inspector Richard Barrow, who has been overseeing the search operation, said: “We have completely exhausted the search areas at land and at sea, but unfortunately we have not been able to find Nathan. I would like to thank all of the volunteers who came out day after day and tirelessly assisted our officers during the searches. I know that Nathan’s parents, his brother and sister, his fiancée Lisa and her parents are also very grateful to all those who have helped and shown support during this difficult time.”

Although the land and sea searches have been called off officers stress that the investigation into what happened to Nathan is still very active and appeal for people on the Island to remain vigilant and to report immediately any information that may assist police with their enquiries. The families will continue to be kept fully informed of progress.

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Mr. Clarke


  1. There’s only one important factor that seems to be overlooked in this investigation.

    The story looks very bleak that he was missing from the Calico Jack location.
    I believe something happened from his house in West Bay,and this unknown group of visitors visited Calico Jack’s afterwards. The names of those visitors should have been released to properly vet their character and credibility, as other UK persons are watching the story unfold as well. Why conceal their names, maybe there was someone in the group that should be flagged as maybe dangerous or suspicious? Why are their names hidden?
    There’s no proof available that Nathan was in that group at Calico Jacks.

    Looks like everyone was in West Bay, Why hasn’t the Police said if the couple lived in North West Point or where in West Bay, it was never mentioned was this intentional?

    The police is being aluded by the intial story or report. I believe something happened at his house where he lived on the day he went missing, that’s why the phone signal was picked up in the W. Bay area.
    Then the group went to Calico Jacks and someone in the group threw the phone into the water to alude Police maybe?.

    This is more likely what happened. Those other myths that have the police mystified is very hard to believe and rightly so ’cause its just not true.

  2. @ Liverpool,
    Whilst I agree with your right to express your opinion in this forum, I have to say, that given your lack of knowledge and adamant speculation as to what you Think happened in West Bay, coupled with your appalling command of English Grammar, makes me wish you had spared not only us, the readers, but Nathans’ friends and family, the indignity and pain that your rant produces. Leave the armchair detective work to the Police…

  3. Rorshach,

    Hey, seems like something might have hit home here.
    There are 3 persons missing within a year and the police have not been able to solve these cases. Therefore we have the right to speculate, and express our opinions in this forum and quite frankly I don’t give a hoot about what you think since its not important. Nathan is.

    The missing man is important, what happened to him and you are not in the equation at all.
    Or are you?

    This is not a classroom, if you were really sympathetic the spelling or grammar would not at all interest you, it would go unnoticed. Most people making comments in these wild forums make mistakes as they are human and since they are busy otherwise, if you know what I mean.

    Now lets focus on Nathan and continue to speculate loudly so the police can get a better view of what REALLY happened to Nathan.

  4. liverpool Wild Crazy speculation is very unhelpful. It is obvious you have no grasp of the circumstances so please keep your banter in the pub where it is less damaging.

  5. I have a few theories about what happened to Nathan myself, Liverpool, however, I respect the family and friends of Nathan enough to keep my theories TO MYSELF…to come onto an open forum like this and spout stories of which you have no proof or way of substantiating only adds to the hurt, questions and grief that his family and friends are going through..or in other words, for someone as simple as even you can understand, If you don’t have something positive or productive to say, keep your stupid theories to yourself.. I would dearly love to know what happened to all THREE of the persons who have gone missing without a trace in the last year and some, but throwing out conspiracy theories isn’t going to help solve the mystery…

  6. Liverpool

    When Kerran disappeared, with all initial evidence pointing to an abduction from her apt., I was one of the first posters on here to begin to accurately speculate as to what had actually happened to her.

    Our good friend and police apologist, the Beachbum, was quick to chastise me, calling my theories unfounded, that the ex-West Midlands top police investigator was up to the task and that we should let the evidence lead where it may…as if murderers are going to leave a trail of evidence leading to themselves, after committing the types of crimes that Cayman’s police do not normally encounter and are manifestly unqualified to solve.

    Months down the line, it is now an accepted fact that Kerran has been mrdered and her body disposed of; its taken the RCIPS more than 3 months after her abduction to declare, publicly, that her case is considered one of murder, while dragging their feet on a ‘missing person’ situation for the crucial 24-48 hours plus months before upgrading the case.

    There has been a culture in Cayman ever since I was a child that made it taboo to speak the obvious truth when some person or people of influence didn’t want to hear it or have it spoken; lives have been lost and/or taken in Cayman before because of this culture.

    Unfortunately, we now have a situation where this culture has totally corrupted the RCIPS as a law-enforcement organization…

    And the ‘missing bodies’ and cold cases are beginning to mount up to prove it.

    When the RCIPS needed to act on the gang violence and murders, they were quick to call for help from the Merseyside Police, with some negative press here in England as a consequence…

    But, a major murder case was solved because witnesses felt confident in speaking to police officers who did not know them personally and who they could trust.

    There is something that does not ring true in Nathan’s girlfriend’s story; I know Calico Jacks and the expatriate party culture very well in Cayman, having been a part of it myself.

    Has there been any corboration of her story that he was seen at Calico Jacks by anyone else who was not a part of their party…an independent witness ?

    Normally, staying away from your party at any event for more than half-an-hour would have members of your party concerned for your welfare, especially when people have been drinking.

    According to her, the last time she saw him was at the the waters edge on the beach…

    In a concerned partner’s mind, that alone would have triggered an action of leading her to go to him and enquire whether he was ok and bring him back to the party…

    And I challenge anyone on this forum to call that idle, armchair detective speculation.

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