Cayman Islands Tourism Exchange set to be action packed

The Cayman Islands Tourism Exchange is scheduled to take place from 30 April to 5 May and this year the theme is Turning Vision into Action. 

The event brings together wholesalers and suppliers, said Jane van der Bol, executive director of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association. 

“The very name of our theme – Turning Vision into Action – is what our wholesalers and suppliers do,” she said. “They get together and negotiate where they want to be – the vision – and turn their relationships and negotiations into packages that attract visitors to the Cayman Islands – action. 

“As we emerge from a very difficult two years of recession, we must look to the future with vision and determine what action we are going to take to come out stronger and better than we have been,” she said. “Every supplier has the vision to a more successful business and the Cayman Islands Tourism Exchange is the very solution to action. As each relationship is developed between the wholesalers and our suppliers the Cayman Islands is able to offer a product that gets action, bookings.”  

Ms van der Bol it was also possible visitors thinking of travelling to the sea, sun and sand destination could be thought of as vision and people subsequently buying a vacation an action. 


Running order  

The agenda begins with workshops for local delegates on Monday, 30 April and Tuesday, 1 May. The overseas delegates – wholesalers and media, for example – arrive in the morning of Wednesday, 2 May. The official opening ceremony and welcoming reception is at the National Gallery that evening. 

“We are especially delighted to host our welcome reception at the new home of the National Gallery,” Ms van der Bol said. “This is a wonderful opportunity to show the wholesalers visiting Cayman another incredible venue for art. The new facility was designed by Caymanian architect Danny Owen and it provides a series of flexible spaces to support the wide range of activities undertaken by the organisation. 

“The building is perfectly accented with a series of gardens which have been created by renowned landscape designers Margaret Barwick and Alexander ‘Sandy’ Urquhart,” she said. “It is a wonderful venue for our 
opening night.” 

The Travel Trade Marketplace is on Thursday, 3 May at the Westin Casuarina Resort & Spa, where local delegates meet international suppliers and wholesalers. The next day is for wholesaler excursions and site inspections, followed by the farewell dinner. Suppliers and wholesalers depart on Saturday, 5 May. 

There are many sponsorship opportunities available for those interested in participating, Ms van der Bol said. 

“We have educational seminar, receptions and dinners, tours and attractions, and of course, the main marketplace event where the wholesalers and suppliers conduct business,” she said. 

All sponsorship requests are to go to Erin Bodden at the CITA at [email protected] or by calling 345-949-8522.