Pizza Hut batters bake little bankers

Pizza Hut recently made a big statement in AA Little League action.

The teenagers beat down CIBC 15-6 at the Field of Dreams facility in George Town. Last Saturday’s encounter got off to a fast start with a double from Justin Derrick followed by Mario Ebanks’ single, who ended up stealing home causing the second run. Four other runs were scored by Mikhail Taylor, Lyndon Waite, Miguel Rodriguez and Korey McLean as Pizza Hut nabbed six runs in the first inning and never looked back.

Special mention goes to Augusto Hudgson, Wyatt Hope, Adam McWatt, Zack Bodden, Inakai Watler, Gianno Williams and Jelani ‘JJ’ Campbell of Pizza Hut for their plays in and outside of the batter’s box. CIBC, who are usually “Comeback Kids,” had five runs in the bottom of the first and their last run in the second courtesy of a solo home run off the bat of RaShawn Powery for their first defeat of the season.

Maples kept pace with a 16-3 beating of Crighton. A number of key players on the DL led to Crighton’s first defeat of the season. Their player of the game was Matthew Westin at catcher with Davin Gallagher and Alaye McLaughlin also contributing.

Maples showed patience at the plate as 11 batters were walked. Dane “Scrappy Doo” Muspratt was the star with a single, double, walk and three runs scored.