Roma calls out Unity

Over the years, Roma and Unity netball clubs have enjoyed a harmonic relationship. It seems things may not be so cool.

Star Roma A defender Carrie Barnett is calling out Unity A, in particular head coach David Wilson. In spite of a 3-3 record, she feels Wilson’s style is holding the team back.

“We used to help Unity a lot in training but David their coach is not listening,” Barnett said. “If he doesn’t listen, the team wont get any better. Unity have potential but their problem is coaching.

“All Stars A are gearing up for us and though we’re not training as much, we’re gearing up for them, Rising Stars A have a good team and they are coming from far but they don’t have the team to beat Roma. I admire Rising Stars as a team in that they are in full numbers for training and for the games. We saw Flames play and we look forward to them. The only competition I see is All Stars.”

The squads are slated to play this Saturday, 17 March, in the Cayman Islands Netball Association 2012 open league. The contest is slated to take place at 6.30pm on the Truman Bodden Sports Complex netball courts.

Roma head into the match after beating Rosemarie Wilson and the previously unbeaten Rising Stars A. With the win, Roma and key shooter Kay Copeland are third at 4-1 while Rising Stars are second at 5-1. Behind the likes of Pauline Bodden, All Stars are first at 5-0. Unity, in spite of talents like Cherita Robinson, are coming off a 27-18 loss to a 4-3 All Stars B squad featuring Tishelle Logan. In spite of the loss, Wilson states his Unity squad is solid.

“The A team has good players with great skills,” Wilson said. “We have Roma and All Stars ahead of us but we want to be top three. Rising Stars are there also and we want to beat them as well. Flames are pretty good too. It’s a competitive competition, all of the teams want to get something over the other teams. All of the teams are good and we just got to get the bounces our way.

“I’m getting support from assistant coach Milton Clarke and bench coach Wayne Fine. The New Testament church in George Town supports us and provides the court and the lights for us to use. The girls are enthusiastic and we will get the results.”

Aside from the Roma-Unity showdown, Saturday also sees Rising Stars A battling Unity A at 6.30pm.