Players, get ready to show your hand

Potential stars of poker, your time has come. 

The folks at The Attic are putting on a significant charity poker tournament, with a portion of proceeds from the registration-only event going to Cayman Athletic Sports Club. 

“There will be no exchange of cash; just a registration fee,” confirms Weekender’s buddy Craig Fredericks. “The athletic club is based in George Town and the majority are talented footballers and underprivileged kids. We are trying to raise funds so they can participate in a major tournament, which is being held at Disney World this summer.” 


No limit Hold ‘Em 

The poker tourney is simple no limit Texas Hold ‘Em under international rules; nothing wild, no beer flying about and no bells and whistles. It’s held during three nights; the first qualifier was on Saturday, 17 March. It continues from 2pm on Saturday, 24 March and ends when the final nine are confirmed. 

These chaps then go on to compete in the final, held on Saturday, 31 March from 6pm, Craig says. 

“We have set the registration fee at $250 because we want to attract serious players. The first prize is a trip to Aruba to participate in a major poker tournament. That’s worth over $7,000 alone. Each of the top five will be in the prize places and there are other things to win including trips to Bahamas Paradise Island, Hard Rock Cafe, Hotel and Casino in Florida, gym memberships and more.” 


Serious players 

There are a lot more poker players in the Cayman Islands than one may think, Craig says. But while pick-up games in bars and at home are more for fun and beer-soaked occasions, this tournament enables serious players to pit their skills against one another. 

“We can hold 110 players and it’s first come first served,” he says. “We are encouraging people to put down money at registration to ensure a seat.  

We are expecting it to go so well we’ll do three or four per year with prizes being seats at major poker tournaments of the region, be that Caribbean, Florida, or even Vegas and Atlantic City.” 

Fundamentally, this game of skill is one that requires cunning, poker knowledge and talent. And we ain’t bluffing. 

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