Super C hits high note

Celebrated Hot 104.1FM reggae disc jockey Cachas ‘Super C’ Stewart is considered a veteran after having spent 25 years promoting the genre. Yet Super C is only 38, which means he was on the scene when barely into his teens.

Nevertheless, the popular West Bayer will be recognised for his lifetime contribution to reggae at a show in Manchester, Jamaica on 26 May. It’s billed as Veterans Salute, headlined by Marcia Griffiths, Josey Wales and Professor Nuts.

Super C is suitably chuffed over the ‘big up’.

“This came about after some good friends who I knew from longtime as promoters and producers who have been putting on concerts, which I have been to and played at,” he said. “It’s really the hard work and dedication for 25 years going to Jamaica, meeting and knowing lots of the big producers and promoters and icons in the business and spending thousands of dollars on collecting music and cutting specials which most selectors called dubplates.

“Each dubplate is unique and special because its a song done by the artist for you which calls up your name and bigs you up and represents you specially in a sound clash,” he said. “It’s a great honour to receive this award an as far I know its the first for a selector from the Cayman Islands and I’ve just got to give thanks for all I have done an still doing.”

Super C is organising a show in Cayman for his fans who have supported him over a quarter of a century.

“I remember when I just started it was just a handful of selectors back then,” he said. “Now as a director for deejays and selectors here I can’t keep up. There are so many and every day it’s a new face who wants to be a deejay which is good. The only thing I would like to see is more love and harmony amongst us so I’m glad I can open the gates for a lot of the selectors or deejays.”

Such is his standing in the reggae community, Super C DJ’d at the inaugural Vintage Reggae WinterFest in Miramar, Florida last month which featured legends like Marcia Griffiths, Yellow Man, Charlie Chaplin, Professor Nuts, Leroy Sibbles and Little John.

“The performances were all outstanding, as over 5,000 persons were entertained,” Super C said. “Above Average Entertainment promoters were impressed with the event, as this was the first of its kind in Florida. This will now become an annual event.”