Poetry collection rings 
in for Karolyn Smith

Weekender first encountered writer and poet Karolyn Smith with her stunning performance of Butterflies to camera.

But that floetry flow was just one aspect of her creativity – she’s launching her debut poetry collection, Bluebells Don’t Really Ring You Know, with an event on Friday, 16 March at Books & Books at 7pm.

The collection celebrates life and love, reflecting on grief and death and marvelling at the wonders of nature. Karolyn draws upon her experiences living in the Caribbean, New York and England.

“The poems in this collection span several years and were written in different seasons of my life,” she tells Weekender. “My inspiration came from many different people: friends, acquaintances, and family members. It came about from observing relationships and people’s interactions with each other and also my own life experiences.”
There is a certain thread through the poems, she notes.

“As I have a strong love of nature, the reader will find that a majority of the poems use varying elements of nature to represent human emotions, experiences, and also to symbolise time,” she says.

Rich body

Over the years, she says, she has created such a rich body of writing that not only friends and family, but also others who have come across the work have encouraged her to bring it to a wider audience.

“Publishing of certain genre of literature is quite difficult in the current publishing market,” she says. “This is particularly true of poetry. There are only a limited number of publishers that publish volumes of poetry. That is why I am so pleased about the reception of this volume as well as the sales so far.”

Stylistically, most are free verse with a few haiku thrown in. Karolyn says she is looking forward to reading from the book and fielding questions from what she hopes will be a decent audience.

“I hope that this collection acts as an inspiration for a lot of people as well as to bring a wider group of people to an appreciation of poetry,” she says.

Karolyn will be available for signing purchased copies of my book after the event.

This free event will include an author presentation, group discussion and book signing.