Prison guard’s ear partially bitten off

During the course of conducting his official duties a Cayman Islands prison officer’s ear was bitten off by an inmate at Her Majesty’s Prison Northward Friday.

According to Prison Director Dwight Scott, the officer was transported to the Cayman Islands Hospital and is undergoing treatment.

 “This unfortunately happened earlier [Friday] and we are having discussions about the matter and what actually happened,” he said.

Mr. Scott added that more details regarding the incident and surrounding circumstances will be relayed to the Caymanian Compass in due course, adding that such an occurrence highlights the risks that face officers on a daily basis.



  1. It’s not a joking matter. These men and women are under a lot of stress, having to guard animals all day.

    Constantly having to watch your back.

    They should get our respect, not our jests, when a tragedy befalls one of them.

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