Sound battle set to resume

Car audio lovers have another event to get ready for in Cayman.

The Cayman Auto Enthusiasts Association will be hosting their first major event of 2012. Titled ‘The Art of Audio,’ the meet is slated to take place at Automotive Art in George Town.

Action takes place next Saturday, 31 March, at 7pm. Prizes will be on offer for a variety of categories including installation quality and the loudest exhaust. As usual, there will be a Sound Pressure Level competition (this time across two classes) and a sound clash event. Most of the various competitions focus on car audio levels and decibel readings for various automotive noises.

This month’s meet comes after the association’s last event in November 2011. Titled ‘Put Up or Shut Up,’ the gathering at AL Thompson’s parking lot in George Town attracted a large crowd and numerous cars, from Honda Accords to Chevrolet Silverados, with advanced sound systems.

Last year was a relatively quiet one for the association as they only staged two major meetings. Inclement weather and the tragic passing of member Brandon Powery led to a reduction in events.

The event is sponsored by Automotive Art and Marshall’s Rent-A-Car. For more information, e-mail [email protected]

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