Turks bust up shows tensions

United Kingdom-Cayman Islands relations look positively rosy compared with this latest bust up revealed on a Turks and Caicos radio station last week.

Former Turks and Caicos Premier Michael Misick, forced from office following an investigation into corruption within his government, sent out a news release Thursday blasting Turks Governor Ric Todd for his comments on a local radio station.

Mr. Misick asked Mr. Todd to apologise for his use of a curse word on the ‘expressions’ call in show in reference to a previous comment made by a caller. Governor Todd did apologise to show host Robert Hall and his listeners while he was still on the show Wednesday.

According to a statement released by Governor Todd’s office Thursday: “With regard to my participation in yesterday’s ‘Expressions’ show, I have apologised for my use of a certain word in stating the word I believe at the time that I was quoting back at my questioner what they had said to me, when they verbally attacked me, accused me of having talked ‘… a crock’. I unfortunately used the full phrase that the caller clearly meant [referring to the phrase ‘a crock of s%*t’]. It was a genuine and human mistake.”

He did, however, not make any apologies to Mr. Misick.

“The hypocrisy of Michael Misick in calling into question the morality of anyone clearly knows no bounds,” Mr. Todd said in a statement sent by his office Thursday. “[A 2009 commission of inquiry report] listed in tremendous detail the probability of systemic corruption in the government and legislature of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

“These matters are now the subject of a criminal investigation by the Special Investigations and Prosecution Team. Mr. Misick should return to these Islands as soon as possible to face the questions that the [team] has for them.” Mr. Misick said in his Thursday statement that Governor Todd “has already passed his verdict” in connection with that ongoing investigation in Turks and thinks that “all of the accused in the bogus, multimillion dollar politically-motivated corruption investigation” are guilty.

“For a governor to openly declare guilty, even before a trial has taken place, is nothing more than an abuse of power, corruption of the judicial system and a monumental travesty of justice,” Mr. Misick said. “Clearly, it is time to end this repressive British occupation and have elections so that we, as a people, can once again govern our self and set our path towards independence.”

At least nine people are facing unspecified charges in connection with the ongoing criminal investigation in the Turks and Caicos. According to the latest news reports from Turks, Mr. Misick is not one of them.