Crossfit at Muscle Beach

Crossfit is gathering momentum across the world and Cayman is no exception. 

Muscle Beach, World Gym’s dedicated outdoor crossfit area ,which opens 31 March, offers people of all fitness levels the opportunity to get involved with this rapidly growing sport focused on functional fitness.  

With Crossfit trainer Kirksman Teo at the helm Crossfit Muscle Beach offers members fast, fun daily workouts that will improve strength, flexibility and coordination with a strong emphasis on safety.  


So what’s it all about?  

“Crossfit is designed to combine a variety of functional compound movements,” says Kirksman. In essence, functional movements are the types of movements one makes in daily life, such as lifting, lunging, pushing, carrying and so on. “A deadlift, for example, which is the act of picking a barbell off the ground is very similar to picking up a box or crate,” he explains.  

By doing multiple repetitions of these movements and adding weights, one can look forward to increased strength, power, flexibility and stamina.  

Dedicated followers report fast and dramatic changes in their physique as well as levels of fitness.  

The exercises, sequences and workouts change daily, keeping workouts fresh and fun. It’s a high intensity workout, which means pushing one’s body to the limits of what it can do in a short space of time. There is no space for cruising in crossfit; you workout hard and fast – but this also means a workout can be completed in as little as 20 minutes.  

Crossfit is a fitness regime that is being used by police academies, the military, tactical teams and elite athletes due to the fact that it delivers a type of fitness that is general and non-specific, making it accessible and useful to all.  


Who can do it? 

The beauty of crossfit is that, although certainly demanding, it is not for elite athletes only. In fact, anybody of any age and fitness level can benefit from crossfit because each exercise can be scaled to the appropriate level for the individual in question. Whether its a 70-year-old lady or a 25-year-old athlete, load and intensity are easily adjusted to make each exercise challenging, yet safe for each person.  

The community-based nature of crossfit means that there is an element of competition but members equally encourage one another. It is the sense of camaraderie that keeps many people going back to crossfit time and again.  

Kirksman Teo

Kirksman Teo, Crossfit Trainer – Photo: Vicki Wheaton