Diver in Turtle Reef accident dies

A woman who was critically injured while on a dive off the north western shore of Grand Cayman was pronounced dead Friday night after spending about a day in a coma, the Caymanian Compass has learned.

Pamela Langevin, 50, had gotten into difficulty Thursday in the waters off North West Point Road in West Bay while on a dive with a friend in the Turtle Reef area. 

 According to police, she managed to swim part of the way to shore with her dive partner around 12.30pm Thursday.

 She was having difficulty breathing and eventually went unconscious, police said.

Staff from Sun Divers responded and assisted with CPR and oxygen before paramedics arrived. It was understood the woman and her dive partner had been on a shore dive.

Individuals who were at the rescue site who did not wish to be named told the Caymanian Compass that Mrs. Langevin had to be carried from the water by two men. She was placed on a sand patch along the ironshore outside Macabuca bar – where the Sun Divers shop is located along North West Point Road.

A visiting doctor, who happened to be lunching at the nearby Cracked Conch restaurant, assisted with efforts to revive the distressed diver. 

When paramedics arrived, Mrs. Langevin was taken to hospital Thursday where she later slipped into a coma.

She was identified by friends as the wife of Cayman Islands hotel executive Marc Langevin, who just moved to Cayman last year to take over the general manager’s post at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. 

The incident is under investigation by Royal Cayman Islands Police Marine Unit officers.