Editorial for 27 March: Honour women year round

For those who turned out for the 14th Annual Honouring Women
Month Walk and Run on Saturday, thanks.

It was a good time for women and men to come together, to
promote fellowship and to raise money for some very worthy causes.

The money raised goes to programmes for youth, victims of
domestic violence, teen moms and families in the community.

Each year the Family Resource Centre, along with the
Ministry of Community Affairs, Gender and Housing, rallies men and women to
honour women during March.

This month has been no different, with various activities
and awareness raising events held.

The theme this year is Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures.

It was good to see so many mothers walking with their
daughters this past Saturday.

In North Side many of those mothers and daughters left the
walk to attend Girls Brigade events. Both of these functions went a long way in
connecting young girls and inspiring their futures.

We have all had influential women in our lives, from our
mothers, Sunday school teachers, educators, lawmakers, ministers, grandmothers,
aunts, cousins, coworkers and more.

We should indeed honour them every day.

If there is a woman who has influenced your life, take some
time this month and reflect. Try to emulate their positive qualities. And thank

All women should strive to be role models for the girls in
their lives. You never know how far an encouraging word will take a young

And it’s not just about what we say to young girls. They are
also watching our actions and learning lessons – whether good or bad – from

Women, as well as men, owe it to all girls and indeed boys
to help them realise their dreams and learn the lessons that will make them
good stewards of the Cayman Islands and the world.

They are growing up in a world that’s moving faster by the
minute. Take some time to connect with them and help to inspire their futures.