Editorial for 30 March: Lighten up

 What great news to avid snow skiers who live in the Cayman

No longer will they have to wait until they get to the
slopes in the cold climes of the north to take practice runs before hitting the
icy slopes.

All of that is going to be possible if a company from the
United Kingdom gets the nod to build an artificial slope on the George Town
Landfill, better known as Mount Trashmore.

We all extol the virtues of fresh air and exercise and this
will give residents of the Cayman Islands another chance to get fit. It will
also be just another attraction to lure tourists to our shores.

We hope that you read the article on the front of today’s
edition of the Caymanian Compass carefully and took note of those who were

If you found that you were taking yourself a little too
seriously and were ready to pick up the phone to call one of the radio talk
shows to blast the idea, we encourage to re-read our missive.

We hope you pick up on the various hints scattered
throughout Alan Markoff’s writeup, consider today’s date as well as that of
Sundays, and remember the history of this newspaper around these dates.

We toyed with the idea of springing this on you, our loyal
readers, today or waiting until Monday.

We anxiously await your comments, via letters to the editor,
comments on cayCompass.com and yes, on the radio talk shows.

Do we expect some bashing? Certainly. That’s part of our
history, too.

But we hope you took a chance to have a little laugh and
realise that not everything in the world of the Cayman Islands has to be

Laughter is good medicine and good for the soul.

We hope that we were able to make your day a little

Perhaps we should have added an editor’s note to Mr.
Markoff’s story asking that you refrain from reading it on Sunday. Forget it.
Go ahead and read it if you haven’t.

And have a cheer-filled weekend as you make preparations for
the long weekend that faces us beginning next Friday.





  1. What a great idea Love it. Maybe we can form a Cayman bobsled team.
    I suggest that they also construct a small Alpine resort at the summit so our politicians can have their retreat on island rather than spend our tax dollars in Cuba. I’m going to learn how to yodel .

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